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HELP! finding an old thread

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  • HELP! finding an old thread

    A while back there was a thread concerning machine bases that were homemade, maybe last year or the year before. It had several really cool lathe tables that were beautifully designed and I just got laid off from work and find myself with ALOT of spare time. I am catching up on back burner projects and need to build a lathe bench for my Atlas 10-F.
    I searched to the best of my abilities, but to no avail.
    Some of you guys are wizards at this and hopefully could sort me out.
    Thanks in advance,
    grumpy old fart

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    Can you remember, even approximately, some words or phrases that appeared in that discussion? (other than words like 'the' and 'and', of course )
    Perhaps a specific machine...

    I found this one by searching for "lathe stand" (include the quote marks), plus about 12 or 15 other threads.

    But without knowing more about what you're recalling it's kinda hard to guess.
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    Lynn (Huntsville, AL)


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      I have a set of original Cast legs for an Atlas, FS.


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        I've punched in the obvious words, but what comes up is vague, as the pictures are xed out in little boxes. So it's hard to tell which thread is what I'm looking for. What's with the pics in lttle xed out boxes?
        I do remember one of the lathe tables in the thread was made with prfovisions so you could slide a caster assembly under it and move it when necessary. ( after you unbolted from the floor )
        grumpy old fart