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How to glue Acrylic

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    Methylene chloride's nasty, alright, and particularly bad for people with cardiac arrythmias. But good ventilation will take care of it. Just don't store it in plastic - it'll dissolve most plastics in a few seconds, and will even harden and embrittle polyethylene over time.

    Methylene chloride will bond acrylic by "solvent welding" all by itself, but the joints have to fit really well. Years back I bought a bottle of acrylic glue called MC-7 . It's acrylic dissolved in a solvent mixture ("MC" for methylene chloride). Thin enough to wick in, but thick enough to fill small gaps.

    BTW, in one of my early jobs, we used methylene chloride for cleaning up polymers. We'd run thru a 55-gallon drum of the stuff in a month. It took about a day for me to learn that if you get it on your hands for more than a few seconds, it will start to burn and sting; and if you try to wash it off, the water will just hold it in. My boss told me the best thing was to blow on it and rub it to help it evaporate. Pete in NJ
    Pete in NJ


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      I've made table saw guards and similar items from clear acrylic, and glued the pieces together with CA adhesive ("Super Glue.") A lot depends on how pretty you want the joint to be. These didn't matter.