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Jim Sehr's taper turning tool.

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  • Jim Sehr's taper turning tool.

    This is a tool I made to cut tapers . I made it it fit on the back side of a lathe
    but it will work fine on the front. I made it from scratch with the stuff I had on hand in my home shop. The lead screw is 1/2 -13 allthread. In 3rd pic I
    turned a # 2 Morse taper tapped on a # 2 tapered drill socket then changed tool to a Logan spindle taper. This way od was dead true to id. Nothing is hardend but in a home shop I don't think I'll ever wear it out.

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    Very Neat!
    Paul A.
    SE Texas

    Make it fit.
    You can't win and there is a penalty for trying!


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      Nice tool Jim, did you forget you already posted it to this forum back in Sept.?


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        second post

        J. Randall
        I did forget I had posted this tool in Sept. I did a search on jimsehr and did not see it as an old post .Now I did a search on Jim Sehr and found it. I posted it because I saw a post last week where someone was looking for a taper cutting tool and thought this might be a help to him.


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          Well...I for one am glad you did repost it! I don't get to visit this forum much anymore so I missed it.

          Anyway, your tool to cut tapers is very clever. Good job!



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            1st, 2nd post, or whatever, I just wish I was good enough to make one!

            The only spindle insertable device I have for my Logan is a 5C. That's a useful thing to have, but I'm sure an MT set up with a faceplate would be a handy thing to have too. Another item on the list .....

            Jim's ball in the ball was impressive also.

            That reminds me about my expanding arbor post because that's how Jim held the ball. I was looking thru the CDCO catalog and there are instructions there to open up and then machine the arbor before using it like you guys told me. I got mine from ENCO and they didn't give me a clue.

            While I'm at it, a big THANX to Cybor462 for the heads up on toolpost holders from CDCO. The catalog came with the 4 holders I got shipped for $50 and they look perfectly functional to me.

            That's all I can think of ... for now ... LOL!



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              repost or not, thanks for sharing it! I missed the previous one so I'm glad to find it now. Looks like a very sound and functional tool. I already added it on my "Do" list that seems to be getting awfully long. Time and skill level (or rather lack of it) unfortunately dictate the timetable but I'll get around to it, some day.