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  • jeep tranfer case

    i am rebuiding a transfer case that was cracked when front drive shaft broke. I have the case welded and am putting it back together. The shifting forks have plastic guids on them that are worn out or broken. I was thinking of brazing on to the forks and then machining them to fit. The brazing should last longer than the plastic but still be softer than steal.
    Do any of you see a problem with this or have better idea?

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    Can't say whether it's a good or bad idea, but I did the same on an old jeep, In that case it was because it developed a lot of slop in the shifting, and that was the only thing I found wrong.

    On that one I brazed on some blocks I cut from old bearings, then filed to fit. can't say how long it would have lasted, as I only ran it for a year afterwards then drove it off a ten foot drop into a pile of rocks at speed. Trashed it badly enough that I parted it out.



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      REBUILD KITS for transfer cases have those parts... A transmission shop should be able to get them. The plastic sucks but run a little bit quieter, less vibration... On an old off road or already noisy truck, building up with braze should work fine.