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First Big Project Completed!!

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  • First Big Project Completed!!

    This is my first “big” project that I have attempted. It started with my attendance at the Cabin Fever Show last Jan. There I saw Cecil Walker’s beautiful M1917/Ruger 10/22. After the show, I drove to Muncy, PA to pick up my Grizzly milling machine. On the trip I was thinking that I could build a scale model of a German Machine Gun. I thought that I’d try to make an MG42/Ruger 10/22 model. I was fortunate in that I have an original MG42 and it was used as the “model” for my efforts. I scaled all of the parts and made drawings for each of these parts. The designing, drawing, construction and fabrication were an interactive processes. I finished it today. The hardest part of the design process was designing the bolt cocking of model to function exactly as the cocking method on the MG42. It needs one more coat of finish. I plan on having it at the next Cabin Fever Show in Jan. and I will be selling the sets of blueprints for the construction of this MG42/Ruger10/22 at the Cabin Fever. If anyone would like a set of plans, contact me.

    Pictures of the completed "Father and Son" Project

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    Impressive. Be sure to wear safety glasses the first time you fire it


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      I just need one more tool,just one!


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        wow! Fantastic work!!


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          Ditto the sweet statement. That is fine.
          Well ,you were only a few miles from me while in PA. How bout stopping out the next trip. I have a place we can play if you really want to show it off! Really! Email me.
          Life Is Grand


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            Oh yeah. I like it, them.
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              GREAT job Bill! I'm looking forward to seeing the finished project at Cabin Fever.

              Bill has kept me updated on the various stages of this project since we met last year at York. He has done an outstanding job from the visual concept to the finished product. These few pictures don't reveal the craftsmanship, dedication, and hard work that went into the finished gun.

              Thanks for the compliments on the 1917 too.

              Thanks for shareing Bill and again, outstanding work!



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                Great job! I can't imagine starting a job as detailed as that. I would need 3 lifetimes to complete it.
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                  that looks GREAT!!!!! hopefully i'll be at Cabin Fever this year and will get to see it in person.

                  andy b.
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                    You have a MG-42?!?!?! All I can get out is wow! Nice work.
                    James Kilroy