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  • Carbide question

    Is it necessary to use carbide tool holders with sintered carbide lathe tool bits? Will the bits last longer? P.S. this is for my old south bend.

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    If you are still using a Lantern type tool post - then yes you do.

    If you have a QC or 4-way tool post then you can mount the brazed carbide in them (shim to center height).

    If you are talking about inserts and insert type shanks - these are used with a Qc or 4 way tool post. Even Armstrong does not make adapters for these to use in the Lantern type tool post. Sorry.


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      I have a toolpost that is original for a South Bend made in 1959. However my tech teachers never covered the type of carbide tools that I have. I purchased them from Enco, some are blue some are yellow and shaped just like a high speed steel bit. Enco calls them Brazed carbide tool bits. We only covered insert types in school. Please help I have absolutly no info about this kind of bit. should they be used with a positive rake angle or not?