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    Well here I am again with another problem. I am installing a Uniq DRO on a Lathemaster Zay mill. The instructions are the pits. The reading head has a lot of play in the slide. What I would like to know is should the head be riding on the top, pressed into the slide, or the bottom?

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    I have a unique and my book shows the slide opening on the bottom. Position it so that the least amount of swarf and coolant can get in.


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      Uniq Problem

      Ahidley, thanks for your answer. I probably did not explain my problem well enough. With the unit mounted facing down the reading head can slide with quite a bit of slop in the up and down direction. My question is in regard to it's relationship to the slide. Is it tight in the up or down direction. Sorry for being such a dummy.


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        Most of the import glass scales are similar so I will comment even though mine was another brand....

        I found the "natural position" of the reader head when it was in its mounted position and aimed for holding it about there when mounting the brackets.

        My understanding is that most of these now have an etched glass strip mounted to the inside of the rail rather than a round bar and therefore it may not be a big deal if the reader head is pushed up a bit (because you are not pushing on a glass rod with it). I think I found that mine read reliably no matter what the position of the head.

        I think the only important issue is that the whole rail be truly parallel to the axis of travel give or take a thousandth or two. This is not only an accuracy issue, but it keeps you from binding things at one end of travel. The brand I purchased (Sino) had a neat extruded aluminum strip that you mounted first with slotted holes for adjustment. It was easier to square this up. It had an extruded-in lip as well as a mounting feature for a secondary shield that mated with it. Once this track was square with the axis of travel, you just set the scale in place and install a couple of screws. Yours may be similar.

        Paul Carpenter
        Mapleton, IL


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          Mine had alot of slop also but this was caused because the head popped out of the track. The little plastic guides dont hold it firmly, but that may be a good thing. Just mount it so its parallel, as mentioned above and the read head is in the plastic groove at both ends of its travel. Once it is mounted securly it;ll stay that way. Mine has for over a year now. It makes parts dead accurate. I mounted mine so the glass tube moves and the read head stays stationary. The reason I did this was to minimize how much the cable bends. I felt that after 1 million times back and forth the cable would be shot. But I have the y axis moving at the same time so one of the cables has to bend continoulsy. The only fault with a DRO is that now I'm useless without one.................