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Computer glitches, cnc? Cat hair!

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  • Computer glitches, cnc? Cat hair!

    Computer glitches I have had trouble with this intel processor, intel motherboard since purchase. One thing after another. loaded OS on it probably six times or more, it runs on linux and Windows via removable hard drive.

    About three or four of the times requiring a all day marathon of reloading os? Cat hair.. I have had to take a dental pick and drag the crap out of the cooling fins..

    Sure enough the cpu will overheat, then crash the software.

    Is there a better way to filter it? I am thinking of a bath oil filled air cleaner off a 54 chevy at the moment. Are ya old enough to remember them? put too much oil in and "what a cloud"..

    I finally bit the bullet, a 3gig cpu/2gig ram-gamer case will be here today. This one is about five years or so old. It'll have windows and Linux.

    Notice something funny about the picture above? I drilled and tapped the "heat sink" for 6/32 screws after the lil clamp that holds the fan/heatsink melted off the motherboard. NOW it is clamped w/4 screws.. about a year or so ago. Made another year out of it, I guess I am cheap. The heatsink and fan were running, hangin by the wires.
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    Excuse me, I farted.

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    Looks like all my computers.

    A loose weave filter so the relatively weak fan can pull the air in, and frequent cleaning. You should vacuum that every few weeks.

    This should be in a case. Make sure there aren't any unnecessary holes in it, such as missing PC board splines. Two fans, one to push and one to pull, will help also.


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      Is that Turing complete cat hair or just cat hair? It's important or I wouldn't have mentioned it.


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        Okay.. I got enough cat hair out of that old case to make another cat.
        I watch my pitt. he don't shake the cat.. The two are actually sleeping next to each other these days, as it gets colder, I suspect they will become real buddies.

        Some nights we feel like Dr doolittle.. WE get romantic, start making out, look over and the cat is sittin on the foot of the bed, the dog is resting his chin on the side of the bed watching. We keep joking about them holding up "score" cards. WHOO HOO daddy, that was a "10"... Cat says only a "9" tho..
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          Originally posted by David E Cofer
          I drilled and tapped the "heat sink" for 6/32 screws after the lil clamp that holds the fan/heatsink melted off the motherboard. NOW it is clamped w/4 screws.. about a year or so ago. Made another year out of it, I guess I am cheap. The heatsink and fan were running, hangin by the wires.
          David, if you're getting blackscreens (the computer spontaneously reboots), then you're right, it's most likely overheating problems. When you re-mounted the heatsink, did you reapply heatsink compound? That's critical to get a good thermal interface between the processor and heatsink.

          I've seen Mom and Pop computer stores that used cheap silicone-based heatsink compound, which will turn to powder after a year, and then the processor will start overheating and spontaneously rebooting.

          Just clean off the heatsink and the top of the processor, spread a thin coat of heatsink compound, and you should be fine.

          As far as the dust -- that's a problem on any machine. You should have a lint filter on the air inlet to the case. If not, get a replacement at Fry's/CompUSA/Best Buy...


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            David, have you considered just shaving the cat?? That should stop all the fur from ending up in the fan. Beware the cat's revenge however! I built a filter box to surround my PC and my HAM radio gear to keep the extra fur out. My cat loves the warmth generated by all the electronic gear, and if given the chance will nap on them year round. Even though we live in the southern Nevada desert, she still prefers the heat and hum from the electronics to a nice sunny window sill.

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              You are just too clever.....

              Consider that that crap was floating in the air - and you could have (already did?) inhale it & plaster it in your lungs...

              Your Motherboard seems a right clever way to get it out of the air - and not breath it in..

              Perhaps a room fan and duct tape a filter over the input??

              I have that problem here, too... Filters clog up. bought a discount "big" filter at Fry's. Quiet and gets a LOT of stuff out of the air...



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                Originally posted by David E Cofer
                Little joke pulled from an adjacent thread


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                  Get the PC''s off the floor!



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                    On my computer I punched a hole in the case to mount a 120mm fan, and used aluminum to make a two-piece cover. then sandwich a chunk torn from a pair of my wifes or daughters old nylons to work as a lint trap

                    Fan is large enough that it keeps a constant flow through the case, and all the air has to pass through the filter to get into the case.
                    it's located so air is split by the graphics card, and blows onto the chipset cooler, and the CPU so everything gets 'filtered' outside air.

                    hard drives are mounted in the exhaust airflow so they're also cooled.
                    Temps everywhere are much lower than before.

                    On a side note, check your memory,most computers have it fairly close to the CPU, and positioned so the cpu cooler exhausts on them, always found that matted hair/dust collection on the ram. sometimes that seems to be the thing that causes erratic problems.



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                      I am amazed at just how dirty the things can get and still function,mine looked about the same,but with more cob webs,there was a spider inside using the thing for a hotel,dead bugs all over the bottom of the case.
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                        I got the new one on the table, pretty lights inside.. Nothing else works yet.
                        Black case, lights in the cpu, lights in the power supply.

                        Of Course I didn't get the cpu fan, had to run to town and buy one, they held the store open for me. Am I well known or just a silver tongued devil? It was a sixty year old lady waiting on me smiling ear to ear. (*I used to drink a lot)

                        Heck.. about done with my ice cream.. off to tinker some more, at least no smoke.. yet..

                        Old computer, I'll find a kid to give it to. I tried selling my old ones to friends who had less, but the GOOD BUDDY GUARANTEED FOREVER computer store is gone forever.. I learned.. I wanted to buy the last two back just to stomp them flat. 12pm calls asking about software and other things. This one still runs and boots on mepis linux on a cd..will surf the net. That'd make a kid happy.
                        Excuse me, I farted.


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                          NEXT DAY? it only took a day of my life, now I am learning the strange things of dual monitors.. I was really stunned when you scroll off one screen and it appears on the other. never messed with dual monitors. I want a tablet now.

                          I now have my camera system on one monitor and my other functions on the other.. and.. my visual basic programming on the good monitor to read, and the program output on the other.

                          It's rocking.. 3gig processor, 2 gig memory, 200 gig hard drive, full tower, dual 512mb graphics cards. I did have to put in the Dlink ethernet card.

                          Back to work?
                          Excuse me, I farted.


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                            Originally posted by tony ennis
                            You should vacuum that every few weeks.
                            It's probably better to use compressed/canned air and blow out the dust, as apparently there are static issues with the vacuum.

                            One of my coworkers zapped his new CPU doing this. When he started telling me about it I though "Duh, why havn't I been vacuuming" and then I realized why when he finished the sentence.