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  • LatheMaster Rotary Table


    anybody purchase a rotary table set from

    Any comments on them ?


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    What?!? Nobody else gonna admit it? I've got a Lathemaster rotab. It's the 8" model, though. I bought one with my mill. I got the dividing plates at the same time. It's a "Bayard Industrial" which I believe is made in India.

    I'm a computer programmer w/o any exposure to other rotary tables, but I suspect that others, even "cheap" ones, might be smoother. This one does not contain oil in a gearbox. The gears are greased, but no oil sump(?) per se. The dividing pin doesn't line up very well with the dividing plates, and the one piece (cast iron) that is supposed to help you counting off spaces while using the plates broke before I got 'round to using it.

    That said, it is functional, and will do the job for which it is designed. There are frustrations present that you might avoid with others, IMO. Penn Tool handles Bayard Industrial if you want a price comparison. . . .



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      Thanks Jim, I guess that's what programmer's buy these days
      I'll see how mine works out.

      I have been looking on Ebay and locally for weeks, but
      nothing has come up. Of course the day after I order one a decent Japanese made "News" 6" rotary table from Reliabletools sold for $157.



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        I bought a 4" a few years ago.
        Made in India with hand tools: a one armed man with a hammer and a file!

        It has the indexing plates but I have yet to put it to a test.



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          Even in the picture it looks pretty rough.
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            Should that read "Barnyard Industrial " ?


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              I've bought two 4" Rotary Tables from LatheMaster. The first was the "Made in India" version with dividing plates. When I ordered it, Bob told me not to expect high precision. But the price was appealing at $139.

              After tearing it down to pieces/parts. I did a thorough cleaning, deburring, a little judicious metal reforming (hand filing in the right places) and put it back together with way oil on all moving/contact surfaces. It worked much better than out of the box, but as Jed Clampet once said: "You can make a silk purse out of a sow's ear... but it's still a mighty pitiful looking purse!"

              I later bought one of his "Made in China" 4" Rotary Table kits with dividing plates and tailstock for $289. It is a clone of the offering from Phase II. It has performed well for several projects. Very smooth movement except for a bit of a tight area for about 15 degrees of rotation.

              I sold the first RT on eBay and got my money back.

              If I were going to buy a 6" RT, my vote would go for the offering from Grizzly:


              It looks mechanically identical to my 6" Homge RT Made in Taiwan... very nice.

              No affiliation with any vendors...

              Paul, Central OR