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Made some simple table clamps (pics)

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  • Made some simple table clamps (pics)

    Had a little time to kill in the workshop for once, so I decided to try making a few extra table clamps for my mill--you can never have too many, right? Anyway, these are actually a poor ripoff of the "Ritehite" type of clamp. The accomplish basically the same thing as a normal strap clamp/step block setup, just a different flavor.

    I started with some (slightly) heavy-walled pipe and cut in into thirds about the circumference. You can also see the real clamp in this pic (yellow.)

    I wanted to get a bit more familiar with the horizontal aspect of my mill (I know, the cutters are out a bit far without support--but these were just baby cuts), so I used it to square up the pieces

    and put a smooth radius about the ends.

    More photos in the next post...

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    After a quick pass by the disk sander to debur and remove the scale, I used a 5/8" ballmill to make a channel for the pivot.

    Then I cut a 3/8" slot for the bolt clearance.

    I didn't take any pics of the pivot pieces, but the were just 5/8" round stock crossdrilled (3/8") and then split lengthwise with a slitting saw.

    The clamps seem to work well enough, and it's nice to not have to fiddle with step blocks.

    I found an immediate practical use for them (which is alway nice!) holding my vise to the drill press table. I loosen the mounting bolts a quarter turn or so, reposition the vise and tighten--it's alot handier than the way I used to do it.


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      Very nice. Must be nice to have all the appropriate cutting tools.


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        way cool, i will have to remember that one.


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          Very nice and very clever!

          Thanks for posting the idea.


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            Sweet, nice work.


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              Nice clamps!

              The original (bought) one has an extra lump of metal in the middle as reinforcement to make up for the metal milled out for the bolt slot and the locating groove - would welding a second short bit of the same tube upside down to bridge the centre make the clamps more rigid, or isn't this a problem?

              All of the gear, no idea...


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                Nicely executed project! And you say you did all that in 20 minutes?

                I'm working on a Dremel Moto Tool holder for my lathe at the moment. If I were doing it for a living I'd have been fired two days ago! I'd go bankrupt if time/money were an issue!
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                  i've been seeing pics of those concave radius cutters in texts since high school but thats the first time i've seen one used! nice job on a worthwhile project


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                    Thanks guys...Ian, I wondered the same thing about the extra meat on the original clamp. Obviously it's there for a reason. I found that the trick is to only cut the groove about .100" or so deep. That's enough to keep the pivot in place and not sacrifice much strenght when torqued down a reasonable amount.


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                      very cool!!! looks like i need to find some heavy tubing the next time i look in the local welding place cut-off bin.

                      andy b.
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