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  • 1927 Chevrolet parts

    I am helping a neighbor with some restoration parts for a 1927 Chevrolet. I need a picture of the clamp for the parking light bezel. He has the light housing and one pretty trashed bezel but no clamp. I have built and tried the tooling for the bezel, now I have to build the clamp. One would suspect it would be similiar on most General Motors cars/light trucks of the same time frame. I will post photos of tooling and parts when done.

    Thanks in advance


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    If you haven't had any other offers, PM me with an e-mail address and I'll try to get one off my restored '27 to photograph it. They have not been disturbed since about 1990, so may be a problem. It is a very simple clamp, but not immediately obvious how it is made. Do you need any other information besides the photos?

    I will be interested to see your tooling used to reproduce this - I also have unrestored 26 and 28 models which I may get around to restoring one day, which have the light bodies but no bezels or clamps. A few years ago reproduction bezels were available here, and probably still are, but I suspect the clamps will have to be made.




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      Thank you

      This is cool.

      On Tuesday afternoon I posted this request for help. On Wednesday early afternoon I received the note from Franco. That evening I sent a PM with details of the project. This morning (Thursday/Thanksgiving) at 6:30 I opened my E'mail and there were photographs of the needed part. You will notice this help was from Australia so we are also playing the "which day is it where and what time is it there" game.

      So thanks again.

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