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Stripping off plating??

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  • Stripping off plating??

    I needed a few inches of 3/16 square stock to become part of a larger fabrication that will be silver soldered together. Plated key stock was the cheapest way to get the goods; non-plated stock would have cost me about $20 when shipping was included vs. the 88 cents for the hardware store key stock.

    But I need to strip off the plating in order to silver solder it. Final dimensions aren't critical; it's mostly cosmetic.

    I have a beadblast cabinet and would prefer to use that. But how do I know when all the plating has been removed? Is there some way to get said plating to change color slightly to some common chemical so I could see if it's all gone?


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    if it is galvanized plating you can dip it in vinegar, thats what I use to remove the cheap plating off of hardware nuts and bolts for welding. but you should be able to tell if you blast it or grind it or sand it as it goes to the metals base color. Granted if it is a heavy plate job or good prep it does take longer for the vinegar to work.
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      One of my projects uses modified lock hasp. I have to weld up the three stamped holes. What I found to be the best, simplest and cheapest is hardware store Muriatic acid.

      I pour a couple inches in a small plastic bucket and dip the part that gets welded on until it stops bubbling. Rise with plenty of water and go.
      Rubber gloves and faceshield mandatory and unless you have a good respirator, stand upwind.

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        Ah, Thank you gents. I just happen to have some muriatic acid on hand.... I'll try it today.


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          Just to let y'all know that I dipped the piece in question into full-strength muriatic acid and it took all of about 30 seconds to strip off the zinc plating. Thanks again for the tip!