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QTCP dovetail dimensions

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  • QTCP dovetail dimensions

    Just bought a batch of el cheapo 200 series 5/8" QCTP tool holders, but most of them are too tight and won't slip onto the post.

    The fix is simple, take 2 to 3 thou off the face and on they go, and they actually fit better than the holders that came with the QCTP.

    This has started me thinking about how to determine what is off spec here, is the generic post out of spec, are the holders out of spec, or are they both out of spec?

    I've done all the usual searches but can't find a spec sheet on what dimensions the dovetails should be. Can someone point me in the right direction here?

    Once I have the spec dimensions, using the system at the bottom of this page,
    I can determine what's what.

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    A search of the archives reveals this post:....

    I think anybody that has bought more than one set has run into the same problem. Not too big of an obstacle as you have discovered. Just build or modify to match your current tool post.
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