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  • Excel Hardware?

    Has anyone heard of these guys or have any expierence with them? Apparently they make chests for other companies - kind of like i suspect waterloo makes some of the craftsman brand chests.

    Anyhow, they look half-way decent and are quite a bit cheaper than craftsman or kennedy or vidmar or etc. Any opinions on the quality of these things? My brother-in-law is in the market for a new double wide cabinet with no chest on top ... sort of a mobile work station ... but doesn't have the money for anything too fancy. It will get some hard abuse though so he doesn't want something junky either. Better to do with out than make do with a crumby one.


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    Never heard of Excel. Who is selling them?
    If you can see one in person, the answer will be obvious. I have (and have had) a lot of different brand boxes and pretty much any of the name brand one are adequate IMHO. My BIG box set is a Husky unit that I have been very pleased with - ball bearing slides (nice, but not a necessity in my book), well constructed, and great 'bang for the buck'.

    If he truly needs mobility, make sure to take a careful look at the casters - some are not so good, which isn't a big deal for most folks if the box seldom gets moved. Large diameter wheels are a big plus if it does.

    There seems to be a lot of 'mystique' regarding toolboxes for some reason. They have an incredibly easy job in most cases, so any reasonably built box will typically handle the task just fine.
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      Has he looked in Tractor Service Supply? They have a double wide unit with the top chest sold seperately.
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        He is concerned with some of the off-brand ones because they only have two slides even for the large drawers. I noticed Excel has four ball bearing slides for the extra wide drawers which is a good idea, imo.

        He does need mobility - he's in a 260' by 60' shop and works on large equipment (combines, tractors, semi-truck, etc) and he also has alot of weight in the drawers. He currently has an old 26" wide cabinet and chest combo from sears with friction slides. Its in really really bad shape from all the heavy tools in it. One of the drawers doesn't even open anymore. (the slides are destroyed)
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          Check out the double wide bottom boxes sold by Harbor Freight, heavy gauge steel, ball bearing slides, and are alot cheaper than Craftsman. 2 of my friends have bought them, and they have been very happy with them. The Husky boxes at Home Depot are made by Waterloo, by their plant in Canada.



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            I bought a top and bottom box from Excel and posted a review on


            Do a search for Excel toolbox.

            I went to LA and picked up the box at their warehouse. Offer to pay cash and you may get a better price.

            I am very happy with it. It's an Asian import and is not absolutely perfect, but the defects were very, very minor. The price is about 1/3 that of the brand-name boxes so I'll not complain. It is of heavier gauge steel than the stainless ones at Costco. The folks at Excel were very nice and friendly. I'd buy from them again.