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  • What to do? found a SB

    I found a 10” South Bend lathe located just a mile from where I live. He has two other newer lathes and needs to get this stuff out on storage. Lots of goodies with it including a whole set of SB collets and closer. It has a taper attachment and about 300 lbs of other accessories. Steady, turret tail piece, tons of #2 MT bits and other tools. I’m not sure if it’s worth the $1000 that he wants for it? Any thoughts? He also has a big old mill, one I’ve never heard of, “INDEX” must weight a ton. I don’t know how it could be moved. Any ways, I walked away. Just not enough room in my dinky little shop for either.
    Now I’m having second thoughts about the lathe. Should I make him an offer of, say $800 and he accepts it would that be a good deal?
    The lathe has a patina of grime and light surface rust but I could not see or feel any nicks on the ways. It has new flat belt and stuff to make another one. The serial number is something like 149XXX so I’m assuming it’s maybe 60 year old. If I get it then I would have to sell my Grizzly. No room for both.
    What say you?

    I would rather have tools that I never use, than not have a tool I need.
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    Well, for a Heavy 10 the taper attachments go for $500 on ebay if that helps.
    I would hate to see anyone part one out. But, if you buyit worst case you could get your money back if you need too.


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      If it's in decent (not great) shape thats a steal around here (colorado)


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        Assuming (always assuming...) it's in good shape, and it's a "heavy 10," I'd say $1000 would be a bargain. Even for a 10K it would be a pretty good deal.
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          A heavy 10 with those extras is a steal in anybodys book.The taper attachment & collets are almost that much.

          Don't know what he wants for the Index mill,but If it's in any shape at all it's also worth getting. I think they are rated just under a Bridgeport,but I like the smaller size for a home shop.

          If you have space & money to spend you won't get hurt on the lathe & if he makes you a package deal for the mill too --I doubt you will be sorry down the road.

          I've got way more than that in a SB 9A that's setting on the bench in pieces while I try to rebuild it.

          Bottom line --If you think you can use them--Go for it...



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            $1000 sound like a good price! But it never hurts to dicker a bit!


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              You can always go get some photos to post here and see what we think. If its a heavy 10 and in reasonably decent shape and has all that stuff with it,doesnt sound like to bad a deal.

              We had an Index mill where I used to work. Was actually bigger than a Bridgeport. I liked it,and wanted to buy it after they went out of business,but got to thinking that it had a 30 taper instead of R8,and I never saw to much 30 taper tooling available as I did R8.


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                I think 1k sounds pretty good to me w/ the taper attachment and any other goodies. No expert here but have spent considerable time on ebay looking and perusing.

                While we're at it, lets not forget how nice it is to find one around the corner from home. That has to have some value. The next one might take you 5 years to show up depending on your neighborhood.
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                  Any 10 inch lathe is worth a $1000. If you only sell it a piece at a time on e-bay.
                  1 . Where else are you going to get any lathe for $1000.
                  2 . What do you have now for a lathe.
                  3 .How bad do you want one .
                  4. Can you use it.
                  These are Questions you have to answer.
                  I have one are two lathes But for a little bit of money I would jump on it like white on rice.
                  Every Mans Work Is A Portrait of Him Self


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                    Thanks for the input guys. I had just talked myself into buying it----Called the man up a few seconds ago He sold the lathe and mill for $1500 yesterday. At least I don't to worry about it anymore. Moral of the story is: IF you snooze you looze
                    Thanks again

                    I would rather have tools that I never use, than not have a tool I need.
                    Oregon Coast


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                      Grab them both---QUICK!! Grease well and put into storage until you can get a BIGGER Shop built!

                      Too bad!! I just read your last post!