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    OK I finally got a steady rest. I could have used one a few times but didnt have one. Now I do and I'm looking at it wondering how to center the piece.
    So I use a 3 jaw on the left and the right I'm guessing. I origonally needed it for a piece of black iron pipe. The black iron pipe is rough so an indicator wouldnt work. Any sugestions?

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    centering rest

    You could put the piece in the chuck and then run the rest up close to the chuck and adjust it to the piece. This should have it adjusted close. Then move the rest out away from the chuck to wherever you want to use it .
    It will be aligned with the piece in the chuck. You could also turn a section of the piece for the indicator to run on thats true.
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      I am assuming that you are taking about a Traveling Steady? Well, for a piece of pipe, I would support the outboard end with the tailstock. Then I'd machine a 2" long section as close to the 3 jaw chuck and use that diameter to set the steady rest, putting a thick piece of Brown paper from a grocery sack between each jaw of the steady when setting. Then take one light skimming cut the length of the pipe and reset the steady.


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        Steady rest

        There are many things that can foul you up on that steady rest. First off, you need a round bearing surface to ride on. Any deviation WILL transfer to your workpiece. I try to turn a section (carefully, with a center) to locate the rest on, so it's ROUND.
        Another danger is HEAT. Friction from the pads will cause the workpiece to grow. If you use brass buttons or roller bearings it (likely) will damage the work. I prefer the buttons. I use emery cloth strips, cloth against the work, and LOTS of way oil, to protect the workpiece. (Yes the abrasive can embed into the buttons, so always do it this way or face 'em off next time.) The cloth, if kept clean and oiled will burnish the shaft. There is some "give" to this setup so you got to get a feel for it.
        Tool pressure will force the shaft up and away. Those two rests are important. The front one I keep looser and as an adjustment against the work growing too tight.
        Only a couple things that I watch, I know other people have additions and or differences with what I've said. Good luck, Dave