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Knowledge of South Bend 16 Motor Under Lathe

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  • Knowledge of South Bend 16 Motor Under Lathe

    I was looking at a pile of parts that used to be a SB 16 Motor Under Lathe. Looked to be every thing was there except I could not see how the Head Stock mounted to the Lathe Bed.

    The Lathe Bed has 3 ‘V’ grooves and the Head Stock had only 1 small ‘V’ groove. I was thinking, (there I go thinking again) there must have been an adaptor plate that laid between the head stock and the lathe bed. Kind of made sense since there was one that laid between the lathe bed and motor cabinet, and also the lathe bed and legs.

    If some one had a picture or drawing of one I would greatly appreciate it.

    Also the flat belt pulley was missing from the head stock.

    Any knowledge and assistance would be greatly appreciated. I already have a nice working 12” lathe and wanted this for a project

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    hi joe. the head stock mounts directly to the lathe bed. it sits on the middle V way and the inner flat way inside the front V way. this is also how the steady rest mounts. the middle V way is how the headstock, steady rest and tail stock are kept in alignment. some SB's had spacer blocks to increse the swing of the lathe. as for the missing pulley will probly be at the murcey of e-bay. there was a post in the yahoo groups of a gentleman in ( michigan ? ) that has a wearhouse full of machine tools.


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      Thanks Quadrod

      That answered my question. The headstock he had there was not made for that machine. Just had to double check as the price he wanted was very reasonable.

      Been wanting a SB 16 for a while. Guess I'll just keep waiting for the right one to come along


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        Good News

        The seller phoned back and he has found the head stock for the SB 16 complete with pulley and belt. I've been wanting 1 of these machines for a long while and now I'll finally get one


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          cool post some pix's if you can.