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    Since I am [78] years old and the only tools I have is my computer and Mastercam Design Ver.8 this is what I do in addition to lurking on this Board.

    The above 3D image is an aircraft that Bugatti built in 1937. The original is in the E.A.A. museum. If anyone wants the file I can send .igs or .mc8 format.

    Have fun,
    Bob G.

    P.S. I just figured out how to use Photobucket!!!

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    Hi Bob, Nothing wrong with that, they are tools after all.

    I know of one guy with no workshop who 'building' a Minnie traction engine in a solid modeler.
    So far he hasn't broken a tap yet


    Sir John , Earl of Bligeport & Sudspumpwater. MBE [ Motor Bike Engineer ] Nottingham England.


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      Ya need to make friends with someone with a cnc and no software or time..

      Interesting to share projects with people across country.IES.

      John there sent me some iges of a eagle and emblem and I gave it to a friend in California with a new plasma table. SO from England to Georgia, till California. I bet it's still bouncing around in cyber space.

      Does Mastercam make a hobby version of thier software, or a school discounted version? THE price is a lil stiff for us garage mechanics.

      OKAY>. getting cloud points into mastercam? I got a scanner coming together again. My plans are to scan sheetmetal for english wheeling, but.. Reverse engineering is interesting. Ever done that? I got this old 1900's long stroke tattoo machine.
      Excuse me, I farted.


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        Mastercam does not make a hobby version, they only have a demo version where nothing is correct sizewise and nothing can be saved. I have seen these for sale on ebay, but they are basicly useless. They are only for practice while you are learning the software.

        As for discounts there are none. My local vo-tech and community college are really griping about the yearly maintenance and version upgrading costs.



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          Hi David and All

          Mastercam is expensive but you get a pretty good package. The only reason I have a Design Seat is because I worked the help desk and wrote post processors for the local dealer for about [5] years.

          I am not familiar with the term [point cloud] but Mastercam reads & writes files that they refer to as ASCII and carry a .doc extension. Following is a sample of a partial .doc file:

          1.693397E-006 -0.8184478 -4.009561
          0.8184488 -0.8184462 -3.92514
          1.636901 -0.8184673 -3.660205
          2.455345 -0.8184543 -3.169835
          3.273793 -0.8184483 -2.314921
          -3.273793 -1.636898 -1.830105
          -2.455344 -1.636866 -2.835206
          -1.636896 -1.636902 -3.374546
          -0.8184449 -1.636899 -3.660212

          The last time I checked, about [3] months ago, Mastercam had a 3D drafting package [no surfaces or tool paths] available for less than $300.00. They also have an Educational Division that can be reached at:

          CNC Software, Inc., Educational Division
          5717 Wollochet Dr. NW
          Gig Harbor WA, 98335 USA

          [email protected]

          In addition to the ASCII converter Mastercam can read and write STEP, DXF, IGES, CADL plus many other formats.

          Have Fun,
          Bob G