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plans for a grooving insert tool holder

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  • plans for a grooving insert tool holder

    Hi all, thought I would post a thread to see if anybody has come up with a set of drawings or where to purchase an inexpensive grooving insert lathe tool holder . Stickershock hit when I went to price them on ENCO I'm not quite ready to spend a $100.00 plus dollars yet.

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    I think it would be easier to look for one on flea bay and bid on it.
    You have to remember that most of the holders have a limited size range and designed direction of cut ie external, on the face and internal.
    If you wanted to use only carbide insert cutters then you would have to invest in a lot of expensive hardware so for simple grooves it is easier to grind a tool bit as I do, I have even used broken HSS hack saw blades to produce small external grooves. So far not tried to do an internal groove but I have a few internal cutters that I purchased from a carboot sale at 10p (20cents) each not to sure how I will hold them as they are round rod shape.
    Never seen a drawing of a grooving cutter as the tool would have to be made to fit a particular make of insert.

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      I bought a Sandik with holder and tool with several inserts on ebay for $40.

      Likewise, for typical grooving and such, I use either a ground HSS blade parting tool, modified HSS blank parting tools (the square ones already ground for parting), or a complete custom HSS tool based on 1/8 to 1/4 tool bits (which ever is closest to correct size already).
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        Plastools has a holder that uses TNMG bits, they are the cheapest ones on the market. He has 3 different models check it out at
        I just ordered a set, waiting for them to come, probably today or tomorrow.
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