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OT: first snow of the season

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  • OT: first snow of the season

    We've had our first snow of the season in my little part of the world. It's a perfect 29 degrees, with roughly 6 inches of the white stuff. Snowball snow. I'll be pelting my kids with the stuff in about an hour.

    One of the things I really like about living in Maine, is having 4 actual seasons. The Pacific North West, my place of birth, really only has 3 at best.
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      Glad it missed me.

      So far.


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        I'm with Evan on this one.
        "four to tow, two to go"


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          Originally posted by speedsport
          I'm with Evan on this one.

          ME TOO!

          A few years ago during the first nasty snow of the season, I was heading home on us131 which was pretty nasty with snow and more was coming down hard.
          Passed a line of five cars maybe a mile before a curve all of them following the one in front, watched them in the mirror till I hit the curve. Then after I went through the curve I didn't see them, went for another mile or two and still didn't see them so I got curious and turned around. Found that the first car didn't make the curve and the other four followed him right into the ditch.



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            It's still coming down. We're at about 10 inches now with estimates for another 6-10. The dogs love it. I plowed my road and parking areas mid day but I'll need to do it again in the morning.

            I guess my perspective has changed over the years. I no longer have the "pleasure" of a long commute, sharing the road with my fellow man.

            My worst commute was from the Kenworth assembly plant just south of Boeing Field in south Seattle to Lake Forest Park at the north end of Lake Washington. It was normally 50 or so minutes leaving at 3:00 pm. A heavy snow fall made it about 4.5 hours. Those damn articulated buses were jackknifed all up and down I-5.
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              We've had a touch of the white here also. (pacific northwest, near Vancouver, BC) . Saturday there were at least 6 vehicles in the ditch upside down, and many more simply off the road. Last night I dug out just to go to tim hortons, and this morning my hedge was collapsed by the weight of wet snow. When I got to work, my boss was busy dismantling his computer system to get it out of the pouring water coming into the office. The roof was a lake about 6 inches deep, and the drains were clogged. It was actually fun tossing snowshovels full off the roof into the parking lot, about a 22 ft drop. Sploooosshhh!

              My own leaky roof didn't, this time. Two days ago it was cold. Tonite I could go for a walk in a t-shirt. Tomorrow I might need a canoe to get to work.
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                Snow huh...we just went from a steady diet of -18C to -12...then it stated to snow. Got 19 inches in 24 hours. Now it's pouring rain. Power outages all snow plows to be had. Between shovelling snow at the motel and up here with this huge ass yard (includes shovelling a 14X70 mobile home roof with a 22X42 addition) I'm exhausted and am not even close to having a handle on this.
                Ahhhh winter!
                I have tools I don't even know I own...


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                  snow is good

                  We just had our first snow of the season.. about 11" with more expected today. In cold climates snow is good. Last winter we had no snow and cold temps.. everybody's septic froze, frost went down deep.

                  With snow the snowmobilers have something to play in, the skiers are happy, the snowplow guys can make some money, the tire shops sell snow tires and the critters have something to burrow in. The loggers bitch cause the swamps don't freeze and the ice fisherman complain because the ice is poor on the lakes. Oh well, they'll get over it.

                  Snow is good.


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                    I'm near Buffalo. I've learned to ignore the snow for the most part but when 50-65 mph winds drive it into your face it gets hard to ignore! Spent most of the past few days in my shop using the wind to my advantage. Got just about every air leak plugged up in the shop. My little 30K BTU Propane furnace is having a bear of a time keeping up with 25degree temps. Don't know what I'm going to do when it gets cold.

                    Ran the ATV snowplow once and I can see it's going to be a joy in the driving winds I need one of them things like Evan just made for his tractor. Sure miss my old chevy 4x4 w/plow!
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