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    I have a thermal dynamics pak master 50 xl plus

    the logic gate board went out and it was only 3.5 years old. The new board is $750. I have a service manual and it only goes to board level i need componet level.

    Does anyone know wher i can get a layout for the board so i can trace the problem?

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    I think that machine has a 5 year warranty. Or did you get it after they started that? Give thermadyne a call and check the status of the warranty with the serial number.

    If its not your SOL. I cant even get a schematic and I am a TD Warranty Repair Station. I assume the IGBTs blew?

    I replace sooo many of these boards its not funny.


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      Shot gun replacement.

      You know the logic general area, replace all parts suceptible to damage. If a resistor is not browned out, it is not hurt. Them you need to replace no longer have the value on them.

      Surface mount electronics? they were designed to throw away. Not consumer repairable normally. Yeah someone you know has a hot air gun.. so what? I don't mess withe them.
      Excuse me, I farted.


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        Did you download the Service Manual from Here:

        I forgot this is the older one with FETs instead of IGBTs (I was thinking Cutmaster)

        Two places might be able to repair the board. Innovat Corp ( and Arc Products in San Diego.