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Boyar Schultz H612 problem

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  • Boyar Schultz H612 problem

    I have a Boyar Schultz challenger H612 grinder that I bought a while back and have not used much. I have a problem that needs to be addressed and hope someone here is familiar with that machine. I have a operator manual but it is of no help.

    The downfeed appears to be "sticking" somewhat. Lets say when I take .0005 per pass, one pass makes a much heavier cut then the next pass after downfeeding. Experimenting, I tapped down on the spindle after each downfeed and it does minimize the error so I have concluded the spindle assembly is not sliding down freely when the downfeed is adjusted. My guess is the downfeed screw has backlash (probably normal) and normally the weight of the motor/spindle assembly keeps it down tight on the screw and in my case it is not sliding free enough so it hangs, later to "drop" down on the feed screw and take up the backlash.

    I don't know if the spindle slides in adjustable ways or if there is any sort of adjustment present. Again, the manual is of no help. I figured I would ask the question here in hopes someone has the same machine and is familiar with the downfeed ways mechanism, that way I don't have to tear into it to determine the mechanics present.

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    I have a "Deluxe", and it just slides on square ways. The back panels come off (one up, one down) with a couple of small bolts, and the front panel will move out along the spindle housing (off if you remove cover and stone, but not necessary) after removing 4 screws. Then you can see what's happening quite easily.
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