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Leadscrew replacement for Clausing 8520 mill

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  • Leadscrew replacement for Clausing 8520 mill

    I've been restoring a 1961 Clausing mill. I posted some stuff in Clausing Yahoo Group, but thought this might be of use to someone.


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    Dave, a nice job on the pictures and the write up! Did you consider sending it in for publication.
    It's good to see others using their equipment to repair other machines. I think that in over 50 years, excluding ball bearings, I have only ordered one part from the manufcturer. My latest was a new saddle for a 10" Rockwell lathe.
    Keep up the good work. John


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      Very nice. Keep it up!


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        Very nice work on the job and the photos. I replaced the screw and nut on my b'port but it wasn't half as difficult as your job.
        Again very nice work worthy of publication.

        Paul G.
        Paul G.


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          Whot John sed; write it up as an article and send it in. Get paid!

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