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    My only wish is to be left the f---- alone with no one pestering and no one bothering me. I know it sounds like Bah Humbug. I guess it is but 364 days of pestering whaT could be better? Fred


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      Put yourself 6 feet under.


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        santa done bring me a 12 hour shift in a steelplant, whoopee, a day above ground is a good day.


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          Originally posted by pete913
          Heck I'd settle for the entire day off work on the 24th lol. Santa came early this year, in the form of three boxes left on my back porch by a friend of mine who I help out on his farm on the weekends in summer. He always tries to pay me, but I will never take anything for it, as it's like a mini vacation to me, so those three boxes contained a fairly large and heavy set of castings for a Tiny Power 109 steam engine. Now that's what I call a friend.
          Sweeeeeeeeeeeetttt !! I'll be you're looking forward to starting the work on that engine

          Originally posted by sconisbee
          ill be lucky if i get a lump of coal! though at least ill have heat if i get coal
          I think I'll probably just get a lump of coal too ..... now if it's attached to a steam engine/locomotive .... all the better



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            A new job LOL. After nine and one half years of a wonderful (sarcasm ) job I am going somewhere else. On that note... Is there anyone who want me to drop in and chat for a while . I have to be in Arizona by the 28th . my route is from central Nebraska 281 south to 56 then 56 to 54 then 54 to Interstate 10 . This is of course subject to change .
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              I bet he could get the Bridgeport down the chimney if he dropped it from high enough.


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                Here's the perfect Christmas gift for you old geezers:


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                - Piet Hein


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                  What are you using Evan? TurboCNC or Mach ?
                  I will use TCNC for some things John. I expect to do some engraving and some of it for money as there is nobody in this town with a computerised engraving system.

                  I also plan to make the machine operate as a computer assisted manual machine. I haven't fully resolved in my head exactly what functions that would include but it would include a joystick and an electronic handwheel and probably an embedded controller. I will likely use a 65xx series cpu as that is what I am already familiar with.

                  I also may explore using servos instead of steppers. I have a box full of servo motors, some very powerful and all with various styles of encoders. Right now I'm using a small pancake servo to run the Z axis open loop with just a switch and speed control and it can rapid the head at about 100 inches per minute on 45 volts.
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                    Wellll I don't know about the chimney ?? But I did tell him he could JUST LEAVE IT IN THE SHOP .

                    Is fun dreaming anyway ...Ok if Santa can't do it then MAYBE just MAYBE if I could hit the lottery and clear about 10 or 12 Mill.



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                      Up the flue

                      Originally posted by JerryL
                      Wellll I don't know about the chimney ?? But I did tell him he could JUST LEAVE IT IN THE SHOP .

                      Is fun dreaming anyway ...Ok if Santa can't do it then MAYBE just MAYBE if I could hit the lottery and clear about 10 or 12 Mill.

                      It will be even more interesting if Wolfie gets his Christmas present "up the flue" (pregnant).
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                        I broke Santas back this year so i dont think hes a coming:

                        Lets see...
                        Monarch 10EE Lathe w/taper, 6" 6 Jaw, 8" 4 Jaw, 8" 3 Jaw, Face Plate, Dog Driver, 5C nose and drawbar, steady and follow rests.
                        KDK toolpost and holders
                        Heck of a lot of 5C collets
                        Leonard Grind-r-lap
                        Lisle 91000 drill grinder
                        Tsugami Carbide tool grinder
                        Miller XMT-304 w/Optima Pendant, Running Gear, and S-54 feeder
                        Thermal Arc 300GTSW tig with water cooler.
                        Antique White Dental Lathe (Polisher Buffer)
                        Ultrasonic Cleaner
                        Arbor Press
                        Powerex 5HP Oilless Scroll Air Compressor
                        Heck of a load of tools off CL
                        Jet 3 ton chain hoist so I built a gantry to hang it from.

                        iPhone (Best darn phone I have ever had. Worth every penny)

                        This weekend got a Tormek wet grinder. Looks virtually new. With accessories. $60 at Goodwill. Figure it will be nice to sharpen HSS bits for the lathe.

                        This is still a hobby... right????

                        Evan, Go with servos. I have used steppers in the past and my latest mill came with PM servos. I will never go back. Never a missed a step again. My servos will move my Supermax clone of a BP series II 400ipm in X and Y and ~120ipm in Z. And the Z is the knee, not the quill! The knee is air balanced but thats is still a whole lot of mass! All axes with .0001 res.


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                          Got my present a bit early. My oldest Daughter had a 10lbs. 8oz. baby Boy on Sunday morning. Grandson number 2!!

                          It's good to be Grandpa!!!!

                          If you think you understand what is going on, you haven't been paying attention.


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                            I'm getting a Sweater.

                            I wanted a Moaner or a Screamer.

                            It's good to be Grandpa!!!!
                            It sure is great, and Congratulations! Continued health will do it for me.

                            Merry Christmas Gents!!
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