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HF 47158 Micro Mill Does anyone have one?

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  • HF 47158 Micro Mill Does anyone have one?

    Y travel is advertised as 4". I need to know if I'll be able to expand this ever so slightly to 4.25...or preferably 4.5"...that is, without buying THK slides. Will not be used for anything more than soft plastic, so I'm not too worried about reduced rigidity.
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    Had one. it was ok... barely ok...

    little machine shop sells an extended travel kit for it:

    But this is only of limited usefullness as your spindle is still the same distance from the column.

    If the part you need is that close look at getting a larger mill.


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      thanks...back to useing my mini lathe spindle and making it from scratch


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        The useable travel on the Y is much less than advertised. and it's pretty much 'one-sided' you have more travel to the front then to the rear as you hit the column. once you reach a certain point moving forward there isn't enough dovetail material engaged to keep the table firm.

        It is not a bad little mill, and works great for plastics,brass aluminum etc, will work well with steel if you take light cuts.

        Little machine shop sells a kit to increase travel:

        If you have the money, I'd go with the mini mill instead. No real complaints on mine, it's great for small items, but it's envelope is pretty small, and the mini is more powerfull and a bit more rigid.

        I intended to pick up the travel kit, and extended table, then build a block on the head so I could centralize the spindle, but decided instead to just use it on tiny items and the clausing for everything else .
        Still may go with the travel kit, but if I was going to do it again, I'd go with the mini as you have nearly as much (about $18 less without shipping) into it after all the improvements are done.

        Unrelated, but I've been wondering if that wider table for the travel kit will work on the mini mill.



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          The $500 is a bit too much for this project. I can't justify spending that much when I have two perfectly good Thomson linear slides w/ballscrews in storage. I've got an old mini lathe that I bought off Ebay for parts. I can use the headstock off it, get a small endmill holder for the MT3 socket.

          I just ran to Harbor Freight and bought one of these:

          I'll remove the sliding jaw and use some SHCS to secure a 1" plate on the vise bed to stiffen it up a little, and bring the work surface up, so I dont have to worry about the front or back jaw plates being in my way. Then I'll replace the gibs with brass and the acme crap screws with some ballscrews I have in my scrap bin. They are just the cheap backlash screws from mcmaster carr, but hey, it's only plastic.

          Still have to figure out the Z axis, but I'll probably end up building a box way as it's easiest.

          I'll have it done before the end of my CHristmas break...why? Because I have to.


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            Maybe you could build an adjustable height bridge over the bed of the old lathe, with a boxway slide to mount the lathe headstock.

            I have the compound from an old monarch 20" conehead that I've used for a few toss together tools for one off jobs, something similar on the bridge would work extremely well.



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              Just measured my X1 mill which I think is the super in that the head can tilt and it has the long Y axis and it measures 140mm tool bit centre to the X axis pillar.
              I'm sure you can get the super X1 mill in the US not sure what HF call it.
              I have tools I don't know how to use!!