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Old Southbend Movies. Download Free.

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  • Old Southbend Movies. Download Free.

    Mark (aboard epsilon) posted this site on Don's board.



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    Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.

    My southbend shaper running a cut.
    Excuse me, I farted.


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      Neat video David, but drink less coffee next time!
      "Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did."


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        Originally posted by David E Cofer
        My southbend shaper running a cut.

        hey dave...a tip

        never stand your cars on dirt ground or even grass

        they will rust underneath quicker than soft mick ..

        if you were to store them over a pit filled with gravel or on a concrete yard they would be ok .

        all the best.mark


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          Hey Aboard:

          I got dirt to store the junk on. The concrete all has buildings on it full of tools. You should see the response I got on the old impala (barge) from the "whoo hoo" side of town. All the lil kids want it. It is rusty tho. I had to have a 4wd to drag it out of the bushes. I can see that thing now wi-some monster metalflake, some big rims, a gold tooth display, a dvd in the steering wheel, a truk full of 9's. Okay, I don't do that too well.. Ha..

          My newest toy is the 49 ford truck sitting next to that old barge of a impala. I think it'll replace the Lowrider shop truck as soon as it moves under it's own power. I am cutting the 12 foot bed dump truck down to 8.. it'll be a while.

          Friend, everything rusts here.. Welcome to the humid south.. you should see my machine tools if I neglect them. Lay about for a week, ya gotta steel wool and oil them.

          Coffee"? I don need no stinkin coffee.. I am a adrenalin junkie, shooting up testosterone and adrenalin and poppin thyroid meds, taking tranqulizers to stay almost normal.
          I vibrate. Always have. Wide open.

          Today, I worked on a 44 magnum, a chevy truck, the 52, the honda truck conversion, drove in the bearing races into this
 after I made the race driver on the leblond, then rebuilt my parts washer, added some tubing and a flow valve, then rewired a machine for a friend, talked to a few more Brotha's about the convertible, and then watched the lil pretty girl clean the old harley here..

          Then washed out and cleaned eight chevy 350 pistons and installed the rings on them. if I had the punching bag hanging I'd gotten a good stress reliever workout too after talking to one idiot about that impala. I was in the kill mode.

          I don need no stinkin coffee.. Perhaps more tranquilizers?

          I actually love collecting the videos of machine work.. Can't ever learn enough.. I need some quick connect and ideas to mount dial indicators on the lathe.. Perhaps a readout on the cross slide?
          Excuse me, I farted.


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            As for the videos - looks like they are all gone. Must have had a major number of hits and someone pulled it.

            Thats the bad thing about getting to this board only on the weekends. Might miss all of the good stuff.

            On the brighter side, I do like the old truck you got there Dave. My father built an old Ford F-2 into a hot rod. Boxed the frame and stuck a Mustang II front suspension under it. I helped with about 1/4 of that project and it was fun.

            Now with his back, I dont think that he gets to it much. Anything underneath it is a no-no according to the doc. But it still looks good. He did a lot of good work on that thing.

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            Civil engineers build targets, Mechanical engineers build weapons.


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              Aye ROck: I keep asking myself, do I want to cut the frame on the ole 49.. they sure drive better when you put a a=frame in them. Never can put them back original tho.

              I got the Mustang suspension above from a racecar. I didn't have a clue what it was till the guys over on Metalmeet told me. I thought it was all custom. NOW I think I can buy parts for it. It is a custom crossmember.

              It's going in the 49 if I get the gumption or a t-rex like motorcycle.

              Shame about the videos. I should've grabbed them. I have been kinda busy here.
              Excuse me, I farted.


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                Originally posted by rockrat
                As for the videos - looks like they are all gone. Must have had a major number of hits and someone pulled it.....
                Rockrat and others,

                I missed them too so yesterday I emailed the owner of that site, Paul Rathrock.

                Here's his email response :

                Date: 12-22-07
                Subject: South Bend videos

                Sorry - there was a disk space problem with my server and I had to
                delete some of the videos.

                I should have everyhing back online sometime this weekend.

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                  any word on when these will be back up?