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Hear that train a-comin.

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  • Hear that train a-comin.

    You can see U P challenger #3985 and also a fast passenger locomotive in operation on your local PBS station. There are also views inside the shops at Cheyenne Wyoming.

    For those in the Ky. area it will be on KET-1 at 10:13 Pm on Sun. Dec. 30th., and on Fri. Jan. 4th., at 10:13 Pm. Others can go to to check the schedule. The program title is the same as this thread title. It's a very interesting program if you like steam locos.

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    are you positive on the title? i did a search on ALL programs coming up on my local PBS station and none of them even have "train" in the title. could the show be an episode of a series and the title you mention is just the title of this episode?

    andy b.
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      Mr. Harp,

      Could you provide a bit more info? A friend builds model locomotives and I think he made a Challenger; I'd like to tape the episode (in the Chicago metro area) if that is possible!

      Jack C.


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        I think he is talking about the Masterpiece Theatre "Jane Eyre" that will be on from 9PM to 11PM. Since he refferences a time of 10:13 PM, that would be in the show and the train would be viewed at that time.

        Then again, maybe not.
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          Hear that train a-comin

          I can't find it for Sunday night now either. It is to be shown on Fri. the 4th at 10:13 Pm. on KET-2 here in Louisville, don't know why it has the unusual starting time.

          Go to at the top click tv schedules, when the page opens, there is a calendar on the right of the screen. Click on Jan. 4th., scroll to the bottom and click" next block" at the bottom of the page, that will bring up the six to midnight listings. Scroll down toward the bottom of the page and you should find it. I forgot, there is a page where you put in your zip code to find your local station, but I don't remember how I got there after opening Searching is something I mostly stumble through.

          Hear That Train a-Comin'Closed Captioned
          Captures the intensity, history, and personality of the Challenger No. 3985, the largest and most powerful locomotive and only remaining operating engine of its class in the world.

          The above paragraph is copied and pasted from the listing. The program shows some repair and maintenance work in the shops, and shows footage of a trip from somewhere in Wyoming to Omaha. Also shown and discussed is a fast passenger locomotive 844 I think, but thats from memory. It was stated that the 3985 has never been taken off the active roster on the UP, and is the only active steamer owned by any class 1 railroad in the USA. It's definitely a program worth scouting out. I tried typing that heading in the search field, and it doesn't come up, so you'll have to do it something like I described above. I just found it last night while flipping channels, and went looking for when it would be on again. Hope you can find it.


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            If you don't find the pbs station near you is showing the program, you can buy the DVD.




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              Looks like I was wrong about it being shown on pbs across the country, I searched two Chicago stations and didn't find it. Probably just being shown on the KET stations. I've got my vcr set to try to tape it on Friday. Anyway it's something to keep an eye out for in case it does show up in your area.

              A CD or DVD is offered for sale at the end of the program, I think it was $24.95. I Googled the title and it is listed at $29.95. No connection with PBS here, I just think it is a very nice piece of video and I want to see the whole thing.
              Edit; Dennis found it direct from the iron horses mouth while I was typing.
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                dang! it's not listed any time by me and i'd like to see it (i'm not paying $25 for it though). in fact, friday, 4-JAN on my local PBS station at 10:30 & 11 pm are Mr. Rodger's and Barney???? shouldn't kids be asleep at that hour?

                andy b.
                The danger is not that computers will come to think like men - but that men will come to think like computers. - some guy on another forum not dedicated to machining


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                  Can anyone tell me if this is R rated or not? Is it a love movie starring Greta Garbo or a techinacal documentary about a steam engine? If it's a techinical treatise on some old iron I might like to purchase the DVD for $25. Pretty reasonable price IMHO.

                  edited to ad: NEVER MIND.... I FOUND IT.

                  Description: "The Union Pacific Challenger No. 3985 is the largest and most powerful steam engine in the world and the last locomotive of its class still operating. Meet the people who keep this giant running and hear the about the rise and fall of steam power. Inside the vintage roundhouse in Cheyenne, Wyoming, crew members share their thoughts on being part of a fading era as they restore the last steam engine built for Union Pacific, No. 844."
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