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Tapping/threading on a turret lathe?

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    I should have known beter, without the shank locks in the turret, But it is nice.


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      Holy...I don't know what to say! Harry...all you guys! Thanks a bunch! I've searched google for this kind of a couple dozen pages and none of it has even come close to the stuff you guys are showing me.
      Thanks for taking the time and effort with this!
      Harry, that's a big honkin machine! LOL! Some of your tool holders are as big as the cross slide on my little lathe.
      A couple of questions...What is the purpose of a knee holder? More like why is it knee shaped?
      And the sliding tool holder...what do you do with that?
      I'm going to have to read this thread a few more times to digest more of this.
      I at least have a fighting chance of picking off some stuff from Ebay now. I'm glad I never bought some of the stuff I was looking at before I asked this. It'd never work on my little outfit.
      Thanks again!
      I have tools I don't even know I own...


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        hat is the purpose of a knee holder? More like why is it knee shaped?
        And the sliding tool holder...what do you do with that?

        Knee holder? It allows you to take a rough longitudinal cut off the material. It can also be used to make a large champher on the end od the bar. Some had a provision to secure a centering drill in the shaft so the bar could center and champher in one go. it can be used for face grooving as well.

        The idea is to combine or overlap as many sequences as possible.

        Sliding tool holder. It can be used to machine an internal groove or relieve the inside of a hole, leaving a lip in the front and back. If the front and rear slides are otherwise occupied it can be used to do some external turning as well.

        It's really only limited to what you can think up to use it for


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          Imagine the slide tool as the turret's version of the cross slide with a tool post. I've used them to turn, bore, cut snap ring grooves, champfer, etc. The one shown has a screw feed, and up and down stops, and a micrometer dial on the screw. I've got a couple that are fast action, a quarter turn of the handle moves the slide approx 1/2", I used them to cut an internal snap ring groove and champfer the ID at the same time. They can also be compared to a boring head, only much stouter.
          The knee tool is as stated above.
          The whole object of turret lathes is to get as many tools in the cut at one time as possible. That 3 tool multi holder is small compared to some I've seen in catalogs, with 5 or 6 holes and provision for overhead pilot bar for increased rigidity.
          The TL is currently set up to run a very simple part. 1"D X 3"+ long with 1"-8 X 1-1/4" L thread on one end. The bar stop, knee tool for champfering the end, die head, and cut off tool were used. The drill is from a previous job. The thread was cut in 2 passes, one roughing and one finishing, the die head has a lever on the back side for this purpose.
          I've used this TL to thread the ends of 20' long bars with 12" long threads.