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missing band saw part

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  • missing band saw part

    A couple months ago, a buddy got me a used "Reliant" brand
    14 inch woodworking band saw.

    I already have a 14 inch Jet brand at the home shop, so I
    loaded it up and brought it to my job shop(wood working).
    I threw it together, tried it and noticed that the entire
    lower blade guide assembly was missing.

    I called my buddy, who contacted the guy he got the saw
    from, and the guide could not be found.

    I removed the lower guide from the jet, which by the way was
    the plain style as opposed to the fine tuning adjustable type,
    and mounted that on the reliant at the job, so that saw is all
    set now.

    Here is that factory guide;

    But that left the jet with no lower guide, and since the jet
    does have the fine tuning adjustable UPPER guide, I decided to
    make my own fine tuning LOWER guide and keep the same theme.

    More pics on next post.
    Mike Green
    Mike Green

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    More pics.
    These are the 'COOL BLOCKS" inserted in the side blade guides

    And here it is mounted on the Jet saw.

    Now I have a working band saw both at the job, and at home.
    Mike Green
    Mike Green


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      NICE! something like that would make an interesting article for HSM. at least for me.

      andy b.
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        Damn nice job, it looks great. Enjoy the natural high you get everytime you step up to use a tool you made yourself!
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          Fantastic, that should do the trick. Great job!


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            Nice job, are cool blocks any better than ball bearing type I replace the metal rubbing blocks on my bandsaw with ball races. It seems to run better but that is only by ear!!
            What are cool blocks made off!!
            I have tools I don't know how to use!!


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              Hi what are these cool blocks made of??I have been told that a teflon or nylon makes good cool blocks is this correct??Alistair
              Please excuse my typing as I have a form of parkinsons disease