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Kinda neat fabricating machine..

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  • Kinda neat fabricating machine..

    Lotta gadgets but it looks usable..
    I have tools I don't even know I own...

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    Would like to see it in action.


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      You're right. I'll keep checking Harbor Freight to see when they get'em
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        There are videos on the site. Made in Canada it seems, right here in BC. Looks expensive with a very restricted work envelope.
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          I agree the working area is limited, but the floor space is what sells machines like this.

          A big shop that deals in industrial fabrication doesn't need it, it's designed for small shops or other enthusiasts- like us.

          Personally, though I can't afford one and don't need it yet, it'd be perfect for me, as the given capabilities are ideally suited to much of what I fabricate, and my shop is critically crowded as it is.

          Rather than have three or four separate machines- or even just two, an ironworker and an H-frame press- I'd just need to have the footprint of a single machine.

          Certainly it won't be for everyone, but look at how many people are still buying "three-in-one" lathe/mill combos, because they don't have room for anything bigger?

          Doc's Machine. (Probably not what you expect.)


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            I haven't seen a price but one thing that would save Russ a bundle is that it is easy driving distance to pick up himself. It's only about an 8 hour drive from where he is.
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