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  • 220V mill

    I just picked up my mill last night, and im pretty excited.. its an import so nothing super fancy but it runs on 220V. looking at the plate on the motor, its rated for 220V 7A.

    im trying to find a way to wire it. it would be a little cheaper and easier to make an "extension cord" to go from the dryer plug to the mill. would i risk wrecking the motor if i stalled it since the breaker is rated at 40A?

    or should i wire up a new breaker (probably 15A) to the panel and have a dedicated circuit for the mill??

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    I personally wouldn't run an extension cord. An easy way I've used is to use a box over your dryer plug. You can find them at Home Depot etc. What they do is screw on in place of the wall socket. Your wall socket will mount to the front of it so you can still plug in the dryer, but in the resulting space behind you can use an offset connector to get the wires in a piece of conduit for the trip up the wall.

    Once up the wall I use a junction box and then run romex out of that up in the corner where the wall meets the rafters to wherever I want to go. Another drop down and you're done. Here's a pic of the necessary.

    That's my 220 dryer line but because I don't need to plug a dryer in I just blanked it off.

    Here are some drop pics.

    220 for the welder. Some 110 for the bench. That business up in the corner is where I pass the circuits I need out to an attached shed. Compressor's out there which is what the copper airlines are about.

    Hope that helps and you won't have any trouble running a 7A mill on a 40A circuit.



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      thanks... i know an electrician that was gonna wire it up for me, i just hate asking for a favor, but i just picked up hte breaker, wire and a socket for not too much... i decided that if i was going to do it, i might as well do it right...

      with the 7A mill on 40A breaker, if i stall the mill (since i am still a beginner) it would take 40A going through the motor before the breaker pops.. i also have shields over all my plugs, but just in case some swarf gets in there, it should blow the breaker before it burns down the house..

      now i just gotta get this 500lbs mill into the basement!!!