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    JACAMPB2's excellent sanding belt post made me think of a couple of things I did recently.

    I had some pipe copes to shape and was tearing up everything I had to do it with, with little success. Barber-poled some cloth back heavy abrasive around a piece of pipe with contact cement. Spun it with the lathe and it worked pretty good.

    And speaking of belt sanding... I ebayed about 30 pounds of sanding belts about 6" X 250" long each. Planned to cut them into strips for a woodworking drum sander. Still will, but have about a 3 lifetime supply. Snowed in and needed a 4 X 36 belt. Used Gorilla glue and a thin fabric strip as a splice. Only problem was glue squeeze through onto the face side. Gorilla glue foams and expands like Great stuff. Finally burned it (and some abrasive) off with a propane torch. Better to have a low spot than a high one. Think I'll try 3M automotive trim and emblem contact cement next time.

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    Originally posted by GKman
    Think I'll try 3M automotive trim and emblem contact cement next time.
    It handles 140 degree car temps with no problems so it should work fine. I have it in spray cans and it might be a pain to get on the belts in an even fashion without a lot of wastage. You might want to think about doing more then one belt at a time to keep wastage down and also to mask off parts of the belt you dont' want glue on.
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