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OT jury rigging a night-vision divice question

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  • OT jury rigging a night-vision divice question

    I have got a Russian made 1e generation image intensifier. It is not very useful because of the effective gain is about 50 to 100 x.
    Call me stupid i have 2 of them

    Would it be feasable to put the two intensifier tubes end to end like was done with the '70 AN-PVS intensifiers.
    I can see all sorts of problems.
    I hope i do not need a glassfiber coupler because that would mean the end of the project. Just a black tube would be great.
    The insides of one of these "things" holds a glass intensifier tube which i expect to be the same on the other one.

    The image as is is crisp but useless in the dark. I am not sure if it has brightness control.
    I like to give this a try though expect a lot of noise.

    Having seen and held a lot of these things i would say that any nv device sold new below $1000 is useless.

    Like to hear about this declassified technologie.

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    You are going to have a problem.

    The output phosphor of the first intensifier lies on the inside of the glass envelope.

    The input plane of the second intensifier also lies inside of a glass window.

    The IMAGE will not transfer effeciently from the output to the input. Sure the photons will transfer, but since they radiate in all directions at the output of #1, the image will lose resolution.

    If you get a lens, and focus the output plane of #1 onto the input plane of #2, you should be up and running. Don't buy a fancy acromat, you only have one color of light. But, it's going to be a LONG assembly.


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      You should be able to find some of those fiber optic blocks surplus. What size would you need. A friend of mine has a few in his surplus shop.



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        Is this something where more illumination is needed to make the tube perform? We just got done tonite playing around with an infrared camera- has its own infrared light ring which is effective over 50 ft or more.
        I seldom do anything within the scope of logical reason and calculated cost/benefit, etc- I'm following my passion-


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          Thank you on that offer on the coupler but i am afraid we are litterally worlds apart. Also my statement these divices are useless means good after bad money. I just like it to be a fun project and have to soup up my basic knowledge to not destroying them right away with an oops.

          These are 2 complete handheld devices in working order so there is a lens.
          So the size of the focalpoint of the eyepiece will have to match the glass tube of the 2e tube. That will be from about 8mm to about 18mm. That leaves some positioning of the lens relative to the 2 tubes like you mentioned.
          Hopefully leaving out the 2e objective lens does not turn the image upside down.
          Should be fun working around 2 high voltage generators. If everything lines up one can be disposed of if there is a reasonable match in voltage.

          My Varo infrared pocked viewer works in combination with an infrared beam.
          Nice toy from the Israelien army. Depending whom asked it is called 0 or 1e generation.
          These Russian devices are real image intensifiers but of ancient technologie with very little gain. This is the generation after the infrared.
          One of them has an infrared diode that works very well indoors but lack the power to do anything beyond 10 meters.
          The need for an infrared beam can be compared to your needs with the ccd-chip.
          The Russians make very nice 2+ viewers but lately they are to costly.

          Thanks for making me feel confident i will not destroy this project on first hand.


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            If the image produced by the first intensifier doesn't contain the additional detail in the first place then intensifying it won't make it magically appear.
            Free software for calculating bolt circles and similar: Click Here


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              To refresh my memory i just opened one of these things and switched it on.
              There is something like a big excentric Newton circle at the phosphorous screen.
              I am afraid there is no hope in hell with my limited optical abilities to get some result, but...
              How about taking the tube out and putting in a surplus Philips XX1080 tube.
              It runs at about the same specs. It would be an early christmas if the focalpoints match up but thats an easy fix with a spacer. All the other components are there. A surplus tube cost about 10 euro. It is a sturdy and straight forward layout.
              Otherwise i rather give it to my nephew. Nice to give the Russian a walk in the garden, a big grey cat that is.