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FleaBay auction - lots of machine tools

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  • FleaBay auction - lots of machine tools

    Just spotted this one - over 100 different items in a "Live" auction - which I assume means there will be people actually at the auction site bidding on the stuff. It's in eastern Pennsylvania. (I also posted this on the "chaski" site.)

    Several cautions: The vendor is a brand-new eBay seller with NO feedback. There's a 15% "buyer's premium" for Internet bids, 10% for on-site bids. You may be liable for Pennsylvania sales tax (certainly will be, if you pick the stuff up). Oh, and there are substantial crating charges for the heavy stuff.

    The listings tell very little about the items, so "buyer beware".

    Still, there's a lot of nice-looking stuff there.
    Pete in NJ
    Pete in NJ

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    Seems you missed th other thread about this:



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        Yep, I did miss that. Thanks. I'm going to jump over there and chime in. The "buyer's premium" is steep, and there seems to be nearly no info on the items.

        BTW, on Sunday, I asked them a couple of simple questions about one of the items. It took them until Wednesday to answer, but they provided excellent detail - far more than I'd expected - so my guess is they're just overwhelmed by the sheer volume of stuff they're selling. -Pete in NJ
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        Pete in NJ