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Mounting a chuck on lathe

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  • Mounting a chuck on lathe

    I have been reading posts on the various forums about users mounting chucks on their lathes etc. and how and what they do. many say that the chucks are really heavy. ( and they are !! )

    I use 2 safety aids ..... One is a 1/2 in. thick wooden flat board ( as wide as the ways and about 12 inch long ) that has old carpeting stapled to it and has 2 0r 3 inch sides that hang over the ways.

    I also slip a 1/2 to 3/4 inch X 12 inch or so piece of brass in to the lathe spindle , letting enough hang out to pass into the chuck with it's jaws open just enough to let the bar protrude out the face .( brass won't hurt the spindle bore )

    The board will catch the chuck if if falls / slips and won't damage the ways , might save a finger to some degree.

    The brass rod will most likely stop the chuck from falling off and also help in aligning it on the lathe .

    Hope this helps someone . Take care have fun be safe .