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PM site question I would rather ask here

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    Same thing.

    I do check the PM site when I get a note from them.

    Some of the articles are very good.

    Most of the posts like-wise - same as here.

    But it does seem to me that when the members of both AM and HSM when commenting on each other in the threads quoted in AM for being "slammed" are each doing more than a little bit of that themselves.

    I would think and hope that the some who make/made those the comments on both AM and HSM about each other are in the vast minority and not representative of the wider membership of each.

    This sort of thing only generates "winners" who are not as bad as the "losers" - ie the "winner" is least worst.


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      I agree wit ya tiffie! All the boards I visit (HSM, PM, Chaski, and CNC Zone) are a tremendous resource that I use daily. As for the "arrogance" displayed on the PM site...I don't get it. The previously mentioned Millman was the epitome of this "machinist arrogance".
      This reminds me of my younger days when I was learning how to teamrope and had stars in my eyes.
      I started going to pro roping schools as I'd learned more than the locals could teach me....I was kicking their a$$ on a regular basis and was starting to think I was pretty hot stuff.
      The guys putting on the schools where world champions....the very best there was.
      One of the first things they taught was to be humble. This was genuine...these guys where so humble I couldn't believe it. We never heard them brag or belittle anyone.
      After I started practicing what they preached my (semi pro)career took off and I always had lots of help along the way. I still use their advice to this day.
      That's why I get a bit irked when I see some guys who think they are Gods gift to everyone. They are (or where) machinists. Not world a long shot.
      I have tools I don't even know I own...