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  • Fly cutter/face mill

    I want to make a fly cutter for face milling, and I would like to do it with a single TPG insert rather than a single point bit if possible. My question is due to the geometry of the fly cutter. Is there any thing I need to watch out for, or can I simply put the cutting edge on the tool centerline and go for it?

    Some of you may remember the fly cutter I made for cutting splines on a buddies tractor transmission shaft. I just dove right in, thinking I understood what I needed to, and had a lot of problems with cutter geometry.

    I searched the subject of fly cutters here, but the search engine on the board has trouble remembering to include the "fly" part and pulls up every reference to "cutter"


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    Try to search for "fly cutter", within quotatition marks.
    Then, it will search for both words, as written.


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      Visit Bob Warfield's page on the subject.

      I made one that did not work out well as the diameter of my stock was too small and the back of the insert was hitting the work. I'll make another, but a single cutter really does make a mess of things. My effort can be found here: and here's what the insert looked like after 30 minutes of mild cutting:

      I just need to make the diameter of the conical section a bit larger and this won't happen.
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