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    I don't know why my letter got printed twice. But there are many things about computers and computer communication I don't know so I will let that alone. Thanks to all you guys who answered my letter. And as to the comments about my clean shop I will admit that I "combed its hair and washed its face" in preparation for having the photos made for the website. That was in March and some changes have occurred since then. I do plan on submitting some things to HSM. By the way, Neil, here is a good place to thank you for putting me onto this bulletin board. This is really a great forum for people who share the love of metal working to talk (sympathize??) with each other. I hope to be a regular contributor.

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    Uh Randolph, I'd just like to welcome you and mention at this time that I am available for adoption.



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      Jump in anytime - just remember we don't always stick to topic - at my age the mind meanders a wee bit...