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OT 30,000 lbs of force??

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  • OT 30,000 lbs of force??

    I keep seeing a Ford comercial that shows a truck having a load droped into it and then driving away. The ad says that 30,000 pounds of force hits the bed. Just curious how much weight would it take to generate 30,000# of force. The box used in the commercial seems to fill the bed so I am guessing the base is about 4x8. I have a funny feeling that the weight required to generate the force is not all that heavy.

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    That is just 10g's of force for a 1.5 ton load. They don't say over what period of time the load is impressed, but if the truck can't handle that easily it won't last on roads around here.


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      It all comes down to how much time you have to decelerate the box. The more time you have the heavier it can be.
      -Dan S.


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        100 pounds dropped from 1 meter generates about 100,000 pounds of force. That assumes the weight comes to a dead stop. With the suspension of the truck absorbing motion, deceleration starts as soon as the weight hits the truck bed and impact force is reduced by the continued deceleration of the suspension. I haven't seen the commercial so I don't know how high the weight was dropped. The 30,000 pounds of force is no big deal. You can get more than that out of a sledge hammer. The force is also spread out over the bed from your description. They had to do that to keep the weight from ripping through the bed.


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          Gravity is a harsh mistress.


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            A teeny woman in stiletto heels generates about 30,000 PSI everytime her heel strikes a hard stone surface.

            An unsuported un-qualified clam of "30,000 lb" connected with dropping a bulky looking load into a pick-up? There's room for all sorts of BS in such a statement. Goes to show you should never uncritically accept anything connected with selling something. How about those foot patches that purge the body of "chemical toxins" overnight. Or the cell phone stick-on antennas that acts as though it was four feet long. 7 HP 115 volt shop vacs. Penile enhancement drugs. Poliical debates. Rant-blog declarations.

            If TV sales reps were all Pinnicios you'd have to get a 10 foot TV screen to get their noses in the image.

            If we'd quite buying from people who lie to us maybe they would stop.... lying?? - Nah!!
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              Originally posted by Forrest Addy
              ............Penile enhancement drugs. Poliical debates. Rant-blog declarations. ............
              You saying they don't work Forrest?

              Sent my friend his Christmas present via UPS. The return label in part read "Acme Adult Rubber Products" and on the side of the box were "Do Not Puncture" warnings. He gave me some lip about it so I suggested he chill out or I'd send the next package to his neighbor address with his name on it.
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                Don't be dissing my Konoki pads!! I just ordered my second batch, and I only had to pay for the shipping/handling.

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                  Some confusion between weight & energy going on here, if you stop a moving object you expend energy and cannot measure that in pounds as that's a measure of force/weight.
                  BTW if you were able to stop any load dead from any speed I'd like to see someone's calculation for the energy expended


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                    A three foot drop to concrete generates thousands of gees deceleration. All it takes though is just a tiny bit of resiliency of the impact surface to reduce that to far lower levels since the maximum deceleration is a function of time, velocity and distance. Even just linoleum tile will reduce it to the hundreds of gees and a plush carpet down to the tens of gees. This is a trick often used to drop test electronics such as ruggedized laptops. I have seen impressive sounding specs for such laptops but when you read the fine print it is quoted for "a 30 inch drop to concrete with a sheet of plywood covering". Well, that doesn't do you a bit of good when you leave it on the roof of your car and drive away. No plywood there.
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                      Evan has it right, to calcualte the force exerted on the truck you only need to know 3 values.
                      1. velovity at impact
                      2. Mass of object
                      3. deceleration time
                      -Dan S.


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                        OK; I have a 04 F150, The box insides ar made out of 16 or 18 ga. material ,dents easily and pops back with a push.

                        I wouldn't DROP 100# in the back.


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                          Did a rough estimation after seeing the add and figured that the weight dropped would be around 900 lbs. Obviously this is a rough number because there are a lot of variables that couldn't be pinned down, like how much the guide cable slowed the descent. Also had to make a guess on how far the suspension actually moved. The numbers sound cool but if you do the math I'm sure people would be much less impressed.


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