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OT but amusing - absurd warning label finalists

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  • OT but amusing - absurd warning label finalists

    Got a link to this in a newsletter thought some here may enjoy it:

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    This pretty much describes how stupid our judges are and how opportunistic our lawyers are. Few systems are as able to guarantee their own revenue stream like our legal system.


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      Originally posted by dp
      This pretty much describes how stupid our judges are and how opportunistic our lawyers are.
      I must take issue with this statement. The judges are referees, enforcing the rules of the game. The lawyers also play the game, for money.

      I see the problem as the JURRORS.
      The ones that make the decision.
      Free OJ Simpson.
      Millions for hot McD coffee.
      And on....

      STUPID PEOPLE are directing the laws of the land, in the wrong direction. If the JURY had common sense, this would not continue. Lawyers would not pursue idiotic suits, (because there is no profit in losing).

      The JURY of our peers makes the final decision.
      (Oh GOD, I hope I'm not one of them.)

      I'm not an attorney, judge or a member of the judicial system. Although I consider them to be the dregs of the earth. BUT not lower than STUPID PEOPLE.


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        I always love reading warning labels, usually get a big kick out of them, then I remember that someone DID something that prompted that label, and I'm almost afraid to walk out the door.

        one warning on 'last years winners' realy shouldn't be a winner, where it says don't iron on the lottery ticket, many of them use thermal paper like fax machines.



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          Ambrose Bierce
          (Devils Dictionary):

          IDIOT, n.
          A member of a large and powerful tribe whose influence in human affairs has always been dominant and controlling. The Idiot's activity is not confined to any special field of thought or action, but "pervades and regulates the whole." He has the last word in everything; his decision is unappealable. He sets the fashions and opinion of taste, dictates the limitations of speech and circumscribes conduct with a dead-line.

          cheers, Graham


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            I think the "avoid death" is simply a matter of "chinglish.It makes perfect sense to lower the bucket to the ground before getting out of that thing.If you left the arms up,and you were to accidentally kick the lever while exiting,you could indeed suffer badly,or possibly die.
            I'm trying to imagine a baby propped in the bag on the back of the stroller.Would have to be a newborn to fit in there.
            But again,like Ken said,someone must have done that,to prompt the warning.
            This assumes that the people that do such things can actually read!


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              matador, that label is from a bobcat. Seen them before.

              As for jurys. A lawyer once said you are being tried by people not smart enough to get out of jury duty.


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                Judges do have a lot of influence, they are the ones who certify the
                class action suits that are such gold mines for lawyers. Roll over
                judges let the asbestos suits pile up so high that even some of them
                couldn't stand the stench and started poking around to find massive
                fraud by attorneys and their minions. Judges are the ones that feel
                25M of a 100M class action settlement is a reasonable figure for
                attorneys to take in 'compensation' with the prime member of the class
                getting $50K, and other class members getting a coupon good for
                $10 off their next purchase, if they mail in 2 pages of documentation
                that they indeed owned the defective device or stock or whatever.
                Most class members justifiably ignore such letters so the $100M ends
                up being mostly to pay off the lawyers and nets out at $40-50M.
                How many of you sent in your certs for the Toshiba floppy disc controller problem you never knew you had?


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                  "If the JURY had common sense, this would not continue." I

                  f juries don't have comon sense, it is hard to see what institution would. Most juries are not sellected with the input of expensive consultant, as in the OJ case (and that only limits the kind of people on the jury not their sense). While many people do their best to get out of jury duty a lot of sensible people do serve.

                  Even in the OJ case there really wasn't anything absurd about the nulification verdict the jury came in with. A racist officer (since much redeemed) who is caught out on the stand, at the time when the FBI lab was falsifying evidence (not something the jury knew directly but had probably much similar Rampart like experience of), etc... That group probably should have had a reasonable doubt.

                  If they went directly on evidence and didn't nulify, then one has to take into account the relative quality of the presentations, and the fact that the jury decides on the case presented not the whole OJ phenom. There is such a thing as not proving your case.

                  On tort stuff. For better or worse, life in the US is expensive and medical care is about twice the cost elsewhere. Even here in Canada, a pure costing of lost pay and medical expenses can take a simple injury case into a million dollar territory. One case I was slightly aware of, a multiple leg break, would have seen 3 weeks of legal depositions on medical evidence alone, and there was nothing complex about it other than the fact that we all accumulate a lot of paper. That's no punative damages involved, just making people whole.

                  If you are ever hit in an intersection by a drunk driver while you are proceeding on a green light, and you loose the ability to pay for your familly's you will want millions too. Probably the coffee case was absurd, though if the point was about the safety culture at McDee, it could get expensive. That award was knocked way down on appeal though.

                  I love the warning signs on gun barrels that say, basically, "this gun may cause physical injury". Well I certainly hope so!


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                    My boss wants us to make the machines we make 'foolproof'

                    I told him it was impossible.

                    He asked me why.

                    Because god keeps making more resourceful fools.

                    Needless to say he didn't like my answer.


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                      Frankly, I can't understand the idea of letting guilty persons off just because of some mistake, or even a malicious action on the part of the police or DAs. All these rules of evidence that throw out perfectly true evidence are a bunch of c***. Yes, I know that the power of the police has been abused. And I deplore it. But the only thing that should determine if an item of evidence is permitted to be presented is weather or not it is TRUE. If it is true, it should be admissable. PERIOD. No matter how it came to be known.

                      If you want to stop the police and other public officials from abusing their power, then a very simple remedy could be applied. They should be tried for those abuses and the penalty apon conviction should simply be the most severe penalty that the accused may have recieved if he/she had been falsly convicted due to the abuse. Up to and including the death penalty. That would be a far better deturrant than allowing the guilty to go free.

                      Only problem with this is it makes sense.
                      Paul A.

                      Make it fit.
                      You can't win and there is a penalty for trying!


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                        Originally posted by Rustybolt
                        My boss wants us to make the machines we make 'foolproof'

                        I told him it was impossible.
                        My software developer says that it's not possible to make "foolproof" anything. He strives for "moron-resistant".


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                          Labels - where did they go?

                          Originally posted by abn
                          OT but amusing - absurd warning label finalists


                          Got a link to this in a newsletter thought some here may enjoy it:

                          For those that missed it or forgot, the quote above is the original post (OP) for this thread.

                          It is also the only one that:
                          even mentions labels; and

                          the OP-er (abn) even posted or participated in.

                          This just has to be a classic hi-jack - and bl**dy ill-mannered as well.

                          Now - can we get back to labels?

                          Perhaps too, if some want to pursue the tangents that the OP has gone off into, they can start another thread.

                          There is no way that the OP is descriptive of the thread content and will make it that much harder for any "search".

                          And that happens far too often.


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                            That award was knocked way down on appeal though.
                            This is almost always the case. You just don't hear about it because it isn't sensational.


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                              In the spirit of less anger, more laffs. . .

                              Not exactly a "warning" label, but more of a translation issue, my favorite came on a recent Chinese item:

                              "PLEASE DO NOT STORE IN THE SUNSHINE PLACE."

                              Frank Ford