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  • Bike dyno pics

    I finally got me a nice digi cam and wanted to post the pics of the bike dyno,
    Note that they are from a distance so as to not let torker get an up close look at my welds, all he has to know is the steel will tear before the weld fails --- even though they are as ugly as sin...

    The twin gens produce amazing power, that is a massive 3.8 liter ford tourus two speed fan and i cant believe the amount of air it pushes, the gens get only a little warm after much pedaling so should be good,

    The flywheel is semi small but raps at twice the r's so is a good match, the oldham coupling is ass backwards as I much would have liked to put the UHMW as the sandwich disc in the middle (instead of the delrin) but it's all the material i had laying around --- It still seems to work good and they both are pretty slippery on each other --- we shall see i guess.

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    Is the crank assy. top secret or just convenient clothes rack?


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      That looks well done Boomer. Nice job on the generator setup.

      I'll admit that I don't really understand the concept of exercise for the sake of exercise. Aside from the fact that exercise and my medical condition are mutually incompatible I have always found unnecessary exercise to be incredibly boring. I guess I should also mention that I have never been overweight. It's not that I dislike exercise, in the past when I was able I have paddled my canoe as much as 25 miles in a day. That however had the important advantage of a constant change of scenery.
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        Pretty slick Boomer! Is this a step towards measuring a riders available output, or, as in our case here, a convienant laundry rack? The last time I used our airdyne it kicked up so much dust from the blades I had to stop!

        So how will you use this, as an exercise bike or measuring device for riders or maybe for when the power goes out?
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          Originally posted by Evan
          I'll admit that I don't really understand the concept of exercise for the sake of exercise. ...I have always found unnecessary exercise to be incredibly boring...
          I'm with Evan on this, except my condition makes excersize necessary. A new mindset is required - strengthen the heart - rather than just getting from point A to point B. That way I live to get from point A to point B. I walk around town, weather permitting, treadmill otherwise. I've set up a TV by the treadmill, but sometimes the stupid mindless drivel that comes over the TV is more painful than boredom.

          Good job A.K.
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            Looks like an excellent trainer to me. Kinda like a carrot and stick approach. The harder you pedal the hotter you get, but the reward is more cool air!

            Good job.

            I used to work with a bike nut like AK. The dude did LA to Chicago in 33 days! Not an ounce of fat on him. Vegetarian. Whotta nut!

            He picked me up one day on his tandem and man did we haul. He claimed he could do 90 rpm with his legs and I believe it cuz I was about ready to fly off them damn pedals before he'd finally shift. I never met his GF but he liked me better on the back. Higher power to weight ratio. I dunno what kind of top end we were maintaining but I remember passing a solo guy like he was sitting still. Monster wheelbase on a tandem but we got the handle on it well enough to be doing figure 8's on the way home. Good ride.

            In younger days I used to lead the pack on 40-50 mile rides. On one my front derailer balled up and left me with only the big gear. I left 'em behind that day ......

            Used to run too. 2 miles in 10:55 was my best. Long looooong ago ....... lol.



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              I often wondered if one could market a professional exercise equipment line based on the same concept. All those fat people working hard to offset the gym’s electricity bill.

              You go to a good size gym and most nights the bikes, cross-trainers, and treadmills are in use nonstop


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                Joe you hit the nail on the head -- to me its almost unbelievable that they use massive electric motors to exercise with when we could still have all the fancy graphs and even hight adjustments and everything ran by the power of the person, maybe i can see it for re-hab if a person needs to go through the motions without strain or something but thats about it.

                Even if they didnt hook it up to a return system -- fine, then its just a break even deal, just dont burn fossil fuel while the energy means is right in front of you in the first place, they do make treadmills that have free running flywheels inside of them, all that is needed then is a variable braking system and hight adjustment.


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                  Used to run too. 2 miles in 10:55 was my best. Long looooong ago ....... lol.
                  I did the mile in combat boots and 30 lbs of gear in 6 minutes 20 seconds. That was a loooooong time ago.
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                    Originally posted by Your Old Dog
                    Pretty slick Boomer! Is this a step towards measuring a riders available output, or, as in our case here, a convienant laundry rack?

                    Thanks everyone for the words of encouragement, Yod, I built this unit for the dyno testing of my experimental cranks, its not a laundry rack as the cranks are underneath the old shorts

                    These kind of trainers are boring to me but I needed something with stability and am not concerned with using it as an indoor trainer --- the pic below is what i use to indoor train with, its far from boring and takes some skill to ride, it will keep you on your toes as you have to balance and steer to keep straight -- its just like riding on the road except even more exciting sometimes
                    because its far more "tweeky" than regular riding due to the small rollers, Most people cant ride one of these but I can go no handed

                    The rear tire sits in a trough and the front sits directly above the single roller (which is powered by the rear), because I also use mine to sprint with I have a cable that attaches to my bike seat post and the vert. rail road tie --- other wise with your weight more forward and being in high gear sprinting the bike will leave the trough and jump out and the rear tire will melt a hole in the carpet, (ask me how i know)


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                      Now hook it up to run your computer . Then you got something for all us computer potatoes.
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                        The exercise bike looks good but this one looks like it would be a bit uncomfortable to ride.


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                          Nice post...nice pics. Well done.


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                            I once bought a rowing machine, but rowing to nowhere turned out to be even more boring than riding to nowhere. It was a lot more useful after I turned it into a bike rack. 8)

                            You guys who don't understand addictive exercise probably haven't hit the right sport yet. Running, I was never as fast as the times you managed, but I love to ride. Last year was my second year back after an 11 year layoff, and I got in 4440 miles on the bikes. 33 of those were on the mountain bike, the rest on the road. Would have been more, but I had some knee problems from not spinning fast enough, until the p.t. sentenced me to 90 rpm minimum.

                            Machining content: I'm the guy with the acme threaded 6061 handlebar plugs. Got tired of the cheap ones falling out.

                            Nice job on the dyno. The reading for me would probably be "not enough", so I'll stick with (relatively) blissful ignorance.