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Link to a great Bentley radial engine project.

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  • Link to a great Bentley radial engine project.

    I ran across this website in my Sunday morning web journeys.

    Pour up a big cup'a and click on the slideshow. Absolutely stunning stuff!

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    Bentley Engine

    Great Find !!
    Truly an interesting article! I was half way through it before I realized it was a FULL SIZE reproduction of the World War 1 Bentley engine.
    Unfortunately, I don't speak German so I couldn't unravel the text. Was a plan set offered? I wonder why the constructor built an English engine instead of one of the excellent German rotary types? I remember reading the Germans also built a twin row model.

    Model Engineer magazine ran a construction article for this particular engine over 20 years ago for a 1/4(?) scale model. I started construction on it and have the crankcase 60% completed someplace in storage.

    I would like to point out that it is not a "radial" engine but is a "rotary" engine. The difference is that on a radial engine, the crankshaft turns the prop while the engine is stationary. With a rotary engine, the crankshaft is stationary while the rest of the engine rotates with the propeller.

    Generally speaking, the engine ran with the throttle either full on or full off, no "in between". Landing was accomplished by killing the ignition and gliding in. Turning the ignition back on to stretch a glide at close to stall speed was very tricky. The gyroscopic effect of all that mass turning made landing the plane difficult. It killed a lot of pilots!!!