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    We had a good time as usual over the weekend. Saturday was the busiest I've ever seen it. I really liked the new venue, too.

    It's always good to exercise my locomotive, too.

    I'm sure Errol will get his pics posted, soon. Nice to meet you Errol....

    Andy Pullen
    Clausing 10x24, Sheldon 12" shaper, Clausing 8520 mill, Diacro 24" shear, Reed Prentice 14" x 34"

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    I really liked the new building as well. I thought the lighting was so much better in there, it didn't seem like you were in a dungeon. It sure helps when trying to get some good photographs without firing the flash. A lot of these models are shined up so much that the picture is ruined when a flash is used at close distance because of the glare created.
    Jonathan P.


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      I agree, the new place was GREAT! I think there were more people demonstrating their engines than before, Two lakes for the ship guys and alot more train track. Overall a big success! I had a great Time. Fred


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        Cabin Fever new bldg.

        The new building was nice. Imagine if all was crammed into the old one.
        Saturday was the biggest crowd I've seen. I wanted some pictures, but gave up on Saturday because of the crowding. I went back on Sunday morning and had lots of room to get the pictures. It's the first time I have been there on Sunday, but after this year I might just only go on Sunday. However, if we have a gathering of the Clan next year, I'll be there.


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          Everyone I talked to agreed about the new building, and the larger crowd on Saturday. Nice not to have as much elbowing going on. I left my camera inside my front door, so didn't get to take advantage of the better lighting.

          Saturday is the day to find the best goodies from vendors, and to see the most models. Sunday provides better opportunities to have good conversations, especially with famous exhibitors, who tend to be mobbed on Sat. Bring an exhibit and you'll have a place to sit down on Sat., plus if you hang around shooting the breeze on Sun., odds go up on winning a door prize as the other guys leave early. I didn't intend to add to the model casting queue, but that PM Research gift cert. nearly burned a hole in my pocket by the time I got to their booth....

          Sorry I missed you guys there. I was giving HSM BBS folks copies of a threading chart which includes the compound settings for each tpi. If you want it, send me an email or pm. Addr is
          billbritton(you know what goes here)comcastdotnet

          .tif format or specify if you want something else, no problem. BTW, no spam will result, I'm ready to reconsider my views on the death penalty when it comes to spammers.



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            It was great to see everyone again. Thanks to those who stopped at my display. I didn't have my usual signage on the table this time.

            The new hall is excellent. I wonder how long it will take to out grow it?

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              Fantastic new site! I wish they had given the vendors a bit more elbow room but the exhibitors seemed to have more than before. The two lakes for the boat guys and more track for the locomotive guys was great. Just the higher ceilings and more air to breathe was a great improvement!! Fred