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Drill press clamp?

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  • Drill press clamp?

    Feb. /Mar/ 2003 vol 16 #1 Page 26.
    The article by John Opfer Jr. There is a clamp on the drill press in the photos that looks very interesting and useful. Is this shop made or is it a production unit? I would like to locate one like it if possible??

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    What magazine?
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      There are many home made and commercial drill press clamps, I have a vise gripe one and have made a couple.



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        Sorry, I tried checking on the patent number on the tool in the picture, but text is not available for that number.
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          Use the "images" instead.... you can see the original patent document....


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            I haven't seen the magazine, but here is a clamp I can recommend, made by ScanGrip (Danish). I have seen their No. 13 clamps given heavy use for years on drill presses without giving trouble.
            You can get a riser block for them, too. You don't actually need Tee-slots, you can still use them if your drill press table has slots or holes.


            LH side, under SCANGRIP, click on 'Metaltaenger", then click on B&W image of '13', click on colour image for a larger view.


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              Thanks every one. Sorry I didn't mention the magazine but I presumed we all only read one, "the home shop machinist". This is not ment as an insult to any one with thin skin. Figured i'd throw that in before I got throtled or quarted.


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                You may want to check out the Float Lock vises made by Eagle Rock mfg.

                You should be able to make a reasonable copy of it from a pipe clamp.
                Mill the jaws parallel and square, use solid rod not pipe to mount clamp heads on, make suitable jaw liners/extensions, attach, make the anchoring clamp, attach to press table.

                That was fast and easy, right?


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                  Think you mean M/W ?? Looks like a cam operated clamp projecting from the column. Maybe a production item, from that stamping ( on side ) towards the top of picture. If I remember correctly, a similar clamp was a project in a previous issue.


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                    ***#@@@##***! Now you've got me started. I just gotta get/build/have a drill press clamp. Drilled for years without one but now, gotta have it.

                    Another cotton picking project. ###@@@***##!


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                      A lot easier to just make a suitable anchor for a Destaco type clamp.