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HF dust collector?

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  • HF dust collector?

    I have started making some fillet / rigging tables for my home shop marine products business and the plastic mess is getting out of hand. I am thinking about putting in a dust collection system. I am more interested in chip collection more than dust. I thought metal swarf was bad but this stuff just gets everywhere and any little breeze spreads it everywhere.

    I just ordered a new cabinet saw and a jointer from Grizzly for this new venture and I have been looking at dust collectors. How noisy are they I am looking at 1.5-2 HP models? I was at HF today buying a 6" tool grinder and they had a 2 HP dust collector for $169 that seems pretty cheap but I have good and bad luck with HF stuff so I thought I would post on the net before purchase for some feedback.

    I will be using the dust collector for the table saw, chop saw, panel saw, jointer & for my router. I will probably just use a shop vac for the panel saw & router because I think it will be easier.

    I figure there are some wood workers out there that have experience with these collectors.
    Thanks for any help you can give.
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    I bought their 2Hp version a couple of years ago and it is actually pretty good. Get a Wynn filter setup for it and it will really control the dust. Here is a good thread about it: .


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      Just about everything known about the HS dust collection is here

      For your application just skip the fine dust collection part if your just concerned with chips.
      Kindest regards


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        If you buy a DC with an Asian import motor on it, check to see if the motor's windings have been impregnated with insulating varnish. If you can lift any of the windings with a little thumbnail pressure that vital step has been omitted. If the windings have not been dipped and baked the individual wires are free to buzz together and eventually short, burning out the motor.

        This has been the fate of countless cheap import motors resulting in their reputation for unreliability. If you have them dipped and baked at a local motor shop these cheap motors perform quite well - if they are run within ratings and there is a replacement capacitor on hand.

        You will never convey this dip and bake problem to the average HF clerk. You'll either have to exchange it for a replacement, replace the motor for an American made motor (solving the difference between EIC and NEMA frames somehow,) or take the motor to your local shop and have them dip and bake it.

        If you take the bare stator to the motor shop the charge will be about $30 or so for a simple dip and bake at their convenience. It'll probably cost $100 if they disassembe/reassemble the motor.
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