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    Does anyone have any experience with electroless nickle plating, TDC (thin dense chrome), or gullon plating? I would like some opinions beyond that of the vendor. I have concerns about long term adhesion in an abusive environment. The ENP has been suggested for corrosion protection on the inside and outside of a steel part.
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    Brownell's sells the materials and also, I think, has a set of instructions, if that's of any interest. They're also pretty good about answering questions.

    I expect durability depends a lot on how good your surface preparation is and attention to detail during the process.
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      ENi is very corrosion resistant. Since it is a chemical process and not electrolytic it plates uniformily on all surfaces exposed to the bath. It is about 52 Rc as plated. You can heat it to about 300 C and it will harden to the equivalent of about 70 Rc. For corrosion protection most ENi is plated about 0.001 inch. Thicker plating takes longer and costs a lot. I recommend having a plater do it and not trying to do it on the kitchen stove. Adhesion to any given substrate is a strong function of pre-conditioning of the part surface. You need to tell the plater the chemical make up of the part material. Good stuff if it is done right.


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        Thanks, I was unaware you could do this sort of plating yourself. For these parts however, I will leave it to the professionals.

        I have never heard of ENi, is this another term for ENP?
        Location: North Central Texas


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          ENi is a common description for electroless nickel. Another is NiP for nickel phosphorus. ENi is really a nickel phosphorus alloy and good quality ENi has about 13 percent phosphorus.


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            Cass, I notice you are from Rockwall. I am in Mckinney. Perhaps you can recommend a reliable plater in this area?

            Thanks SGW, I found the instructions helpful.
            Location: North Central Texas