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  • Conversational CNC programming

    I'd like to draw your attention to a small program written by a Guy called Mark Thomas.
    He's called this program GenGCode.
    Basically what it is , is a program made up of modules of simple shapes and operations where you fill in dialog boxes and the program then writes the G Code for your machine.
    No dxf files, no drawings and no CAD CM software.
    Very usefull for the odd simple shape which is very common today, in fact most complex parts are shapes added together.

    This is still in Alpha stage but most of it is working. The program covers rectangular pocketing with multiple cuts to depth, circular pocketing, circular array, rectanglar array ellipses and slots.
    Later on it will have a library of simple shapes such as DB25 cut outs etc and text milling.

    It's well worth trying. The web page is at:-
    and contains some good screen shots and descriptions.
    This is your chance to get a progarm altered to suit the way you work. This is what Art Fenerty did with Master5 then Mach1 and 2 and this has paid dividends for the people who use it.

    John S.


    Sir John , Earl of Bligeport & Sudspumpwater. MBE [ Motor Bike Engineer ] Nottingham England.