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  • Bridgeport cnc retrofit

    I am in the process right now of converting my Series 1 variable speed manual machine. I started off with a x/y table the same as a sieg x1 which I cnc'd and used mounted on the bridgeport table just like a vise. I had far too much fun with that so decided to retro the BP. I already had the quill on the BP under cnc so it was just a matter of the table. I also have a vertex rotab which I cnc'd and it worked great for making the timing belt pulleys. I got a rockford ballscrew kit and made my own brackets for the steppers etc. on the little cnc. I already had the computer using Mach3 that I used with the small xy table.

    Almost done with the mechanical things so will be starting assembly of the gecko drives and power supply this week. Should be doing some initial tests by next weekend.

    Costs: Rockford ballscrew kit $700 (Mcmaster Carr)
    1000oz steppers $75 ea. (New from Tormach on fleabay)
    Torroid Transformer $65 (fleabay again)
    Gecko's, $100 ea, misc power supply parts, cabinet etc $25
    Brackets, timing pulleys etc. $1 /lb for the scrapyard aluminum

    The Bridgeport? Got it about a year ago. Variable Speed head, Kwik Switch 200 spindle, Heidenhain DRO. A friend bought a lot of equipment on bid and didn't want all of it so gave it to me for $750, what he paid. He didn't really need it so put a low bid in just for kicks and ended up being to only bidder on several pieces. Sold my grizzly mill drill which made it about a zero dollar upgrade.

    I am curious..... are there others here with a series 1 BP retrofitted? Haven't really seen it discussed much although cnc is a growing topic here. I hunted all over for info on motor brackets etc. but didn't find much.

    I'll post some pics later for those interested and also of the little x/y table.
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