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    O6 tool steel is one of the best die stocks and is also the most machinable tool steel. It has an excess of carbon that preciptates at the grain boundaries and acts as a lubricant when machining. It is rated at 125% machinability among the various tool steels. I can vouch for that as I bought a stick of half inch O6. Cost $2 per inch and that was a few years ago. Machines with a beautiful finish precisely to dimension as you can take a tiny thin skim cut without the tool skidding on the work.


    He wouldn't have said "Latrobe Graph-Mo" would he? That's O6 tool steel.

    From Matweb
    Graph-Mo tool steel is an oil-hardening, graphitic tool steel with outstanding resistance to metal-to-metal sliding wear and galling. The steel contains a uniform dispersion of graphite particles which impart excellent machinability and non-seizing characteristics. The graphite particles make the steel self-lubricating in dry environments, and help to retain oil in lubricated environments. Graph-Mo tool steel can be hardened to over 60 Rockwell C from a relatively low hardening temperature, which minimizes size change and distortion during heat treatment. Typical applications include thread gauges, master gages, cams, bushings, sleeves, meat granulator plates, arbors, forming rolls, shear blades, punches, dies, bar feed guides and other machine tool parts.Information Provided by Timken Latrobe Steel.
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      I think it is IDie-Ore, use a green wheel to cut it. Takes a real real long time to generate a form on any machine tool . GOOD LUCK! Spark test it with known material Air Die A2 , D2, Etc. will get you close.