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  • steel prices

    FWIW, here's a website with some steel prices in western Canada.

    does 53 cents a pound for new tubing sound decent? Ya, it;'s been a while since I've bought...

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    These prices are all surplus prices- and yes, they are good, at least around here.
    New, that tubing is gonna run a lot more than .53 a lb.
    For .53 you are getting a bargain, on new old stock.

    Steel is a commodity, so the base price is always the world price, and then, on top of that, you pay more for small quantities, for being in an obscure location, or for an oddball size or shape or alloy.

    And around here, base price on new steel is running .80 to 1.00 these days.
    Me, I buy a lot of stainless- and its costing me $3.61/lb in smallish (200lbs to 1000lbs) quantities.

    Talk about the ouch factor- a few sticks last week, the bill comes, and its $1300.